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    She has a charisma and an emotional power that moves and influences people for the benefit of humanity... above all she has a marketing talent for ‘painting the story that needs to be told’ in such a compelling way that no matter what charity it is, she touches the heart and soul of its community.

    Carl J. Morelli
    The Savoy Foundation

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    MZI Global Corporate Citizenship

    Social responsibility runs deep in MZI Global® corporate culture. For more than a decade, MZI Global® has consistently donated over 1000 hours each year to important social causes. MZI Global® pro bono work allows us to help others and simultaneously reaffirm our company values.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Ethnosynergism┬«
    • Corporate Philanthropy
    • Cultural Understanding
    • Partnership with Social Organizations
    • Cause Marketing

    MZI Global® integrity and dedication to philanthropic and pro-bono efforts inspires our team to work dynamically with passion and commitment to deliver the highest quality service to clients, the community and society at large.  MZI Global® offers Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause Marketing as methods that benefit both corporate revenues and wellbeing of the society. As CEO and President of MZI Global®, Ms. Zivkovich is a proactive leader of social causes within the public sector and diverse communities. Her ability to synergize clients and business together and find a common, shared value and purpose for society at large, continues to inspire.

    For more information, please visit our Ethnosynergism site.

    MZI Diversity
    MZI Global specializes in reaching lucrative niche consumer segments. In doing so, our clients gain access to a wide realm of diverse consumers.

    Cause Marketing
    MZI Global creates a positive value chain and profitable outcomes for our clients. We integrate our business operations and strategies with social issues that are relevant to society.

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Research results have shown that corporate philanthropy, community contributions and benevolent intervention foster consumer enthusiasm, empathy, and brand loyalty.