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Cause Marketing

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MZI’s impressive track record proves that “cause marketing” is statistically effective at increasing profit. Through Ethnosynergism®,  MZI develops tailored cause-related marketing campaigns that connect companies and brands with the issues that carry the most significance for your target audience. 

Our Ethnosynergism® market system network of strategic alliances with over 300 national, social and heritage groups connect our client's brands with communities that they serve and issues that carry the most significance for target segments.  MZI Global's partnership with the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) leads our clients directly to over 300 national groups residing within US.  These in-cultural bonds enable us to develop tailored, cause-related marketing campaigns to maximize profits.  

To define their culture and maintain their reputation, MZI advocates that organizations must demonstrate public service leadership.  Collaborative partnerships, working across traditional boundaries, will become the norm, inevitably requiring new skills from corporate leaders.  With this in mind, MZI has developed Ethnosynergism® cultural models with in-depth studies for target ethnic segments. 

For more information, please visit our Ethnosynergism site.