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Corporate Social Responsibility



At MZI, we can align your company with meaningful causes that benefit you too. “Altruistic” marketing can become your most effective tool for boosting sales and fostering positive consumer attitudes about your company or brand. Aligning products or services with a cause gives new meaning to consumer buying experiences. The psychological, highly suggestive power of cause marketing leads consumers to feel their transactions with your business are personally meaningful.

MZI Global’s socially responsible marketing plans allow our clients to become an integral part of their customer’s communities. The social impact of our clients’ value chain results in rewarding successes for our clients’ organization, stakeholders and society at large. Ethnosynergism® market system approach creates roadmaps for our clients’ organizational strategies with the following benefits:

  • Cuts market entry barriers
  • Achieves long-term differentiation
  • Creates brand loyalty, foster diversity
  • Instills cultural awareness/diversity
  • Helps all stakeholders and society at large
  • Increase profits

Corporate philanthropy is an investment in long-term success. We make the charitable actions of our clients known to the community and the world. Our clients are rewarded with loyalty and respect from ALL stakeholders. 

For more information, please visit our Ethnosynergism site.