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MZI Diversity

MZI Global Marketing develops and implements customized and comprehensive strategies that deliver lasting results for our clients.  We offer clients a wealth of cross-cultural experience and differentiated marketing approaches through our multicultural team and strong global presence.  At a time of unprecedented ethnic diversity, our established relationships grant clients access to a broad spectrum of consumers.   

As a truly international firm, we are aware of the complex intraethnic variations among “New American” groups with unprecedented buying power. In order to tap into the multicultural economy, we engage in a host of carefully planned, interconnected marketing activities. Ethnosynergism® our unique approach to marketing, connects companies and their brands with diverse communities within the United States.

Ethnosynergism® leverages market research, cultural studies, and psychological insights with language and concepts that help breakdown the barriers—geographical and cultural—between clients and their multicultural consumers.The MZI network of business and academic alliances provides our clients with instant cultural credibility. Utilizing our social web, clients connect with cultural leaders for swift penetration into targeted demographic segments.