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    MZI Ethnosynergism® Networks - Global Alliances Yield Competitive Advantages

    MZI Global prides itself in its many global alliances. Our relationships with academia, trade associations, professional organizations, and cultural coalitions span the globe and open doors for new market entrants. From social alliances to commerce and media, MZI Global enables clients to make valuable connections within their desired target market.
    • Global Alliance Partnerships
    • MZI Advisory Networks/Academics
    • 300+ Ethnic Leadership Groups
    • Women Leadership Networks
    • Worldwide Media Partnerships
    • 4000+ Emerging Client Companies

    MZI Cultivates Strategic and Industry Relationships for its Clients

    For over 20 years, MZI Global has worked with trade associations and organizations to promote and develop new market entry. Our relationships span the globe, allowing us access to millions of established and emerging companies across a broad spectrum of industries. These relationships enable MZI Global to identify and develop strategic alliances between our clients and niche communities that are represented by various organizations.

    MZI Global constantly develops and expands our global alliances to facilitate new market entry for our clients. We make it a priority to develop connections in specific targeted micro-segments. We align our clients’ products with target groups in over 300 national heritage organizations.  These alliances establish an instant bond between our clients’ brands and highly targeted customers.  Through our global networks, we open new markets, cut costs through collaboration, cross-promote trade and facilitate new product development.

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