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    MZI Global, New York based Market Entry Strategy Firm pioneered Ethnosynergism
    ® market system to help clients cut barriers to new markets:

    • Proven Track Record of 22 Years
    • Extensive Global/Local Networks
    • Global Reach/Local Expertise
    • Client's Ongoing Support
    • Seamless Communication
    • Dedicated Diverse Staff
    • Building Network
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Creative Leadership
    • Diagnosis and Strategic Action
    • Delivering Values
    • Practical Application

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    Compassion and Experience Bridge Cultural Divides

    MZI Global, the certified, woman-owned enterprise, was founded in 1987 on the creative genius and relentless work ethic of CEO and Creative Director, Mira Zivkovich. Since then, MZI Global has successfully completed over 1,000 market entry projects in more than 15 industries.
    • ROI Strategy Development Firm
    • Over 20 Years of Experience
    • 300 Multicultural Connections
    • Strategic, Global Alliances
    • Founder of Ethnosynergism┬«
    • Diverse, Experienced Team

    Mira Zivkovich founded MZI Global in 1987.  She served as the Creative Director for Macy's and K-Mart before starting the company. Her diverse family history and background instilled a love of culture and a deep understanding of the powerful role that heritage and customs play in the lives of so many people. She spent a great deal of her life outside her native country of Yugoslavia.  However, her roots reach as far back as the Ottoman Empire in Austro-Hungary, where her great grandfather held the title of Baron in 1500.  Immersion in these differing cultures created an understanding and passion, which Ms. Zivkovich has turned into a lifelong quest to bridge cultural divides.

    MZI Global has won several awards throughout the years for its marketing efforts, including the prestigious Telly Award for Outstanding Video Advertising Production.  MZI Global won the award as a result of unmatched creativity and production quality and ROI for its clients.  We were the first agency to produce mini-movies or “videologs” to showcase clients’ products in a narrative form.   In the corporate category, MZI Global won the Ozzie Excellence Award for Best Corporate Marketing Piece (Software Plus) for a brand identity and trade show marketing campaign developed on behalf of NSI Systems International.

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