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MZI Global® Marketing Promotes Business and Communities Together

To attract business, industry, or visitors, a community must market itself beyond its geographical boundaries. Partnership with the MZI Global® agency serves to enhance the visibility and recognition for a community. To further the interests of a community, it is imperative that the community has visibility in the target market, and that it serves the needs of the target market in the best possible manner.
  • Exhibit Products
  • Create Jobs
  • Enhance Community Reputation
  • Target Industry
  • Trade Fair Program
  • Brand Image and Equity

Foreign governments and public sector undertakings often find themselves either unable to take advantage of business opportunities or unable to make the most of them due to the inability in effectively marketing themselves. Underlying reasons for such a performance is the failure to understand its target market, resulting in faulty positioning.

Years of economic development and conversations with experts in the field have equipped MZI Global® researchers and analysts with skills to promote communities in the best possible way. Since these solutions are extensively customized, we first begin the process of economic development marketing by reviewing the communities themselves. This involves understanding the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities faced by the community. We then complement this data with our knowledge of prevailing industry trends and competitor analysis to seize opportunity for growth and business expansion. We determine the most appropriate markets, geographical locations, and target consumer segments that will be most profitable for the community to target. Four main processes form the backbone of economic development marketing:

Trade Fair Program
The MZI Global® approach uses trade fairs as an excellent medium for small and medium-sized companies that have export potential but little international marketing experience to exhibit their goods and services.

Lead Generation
Through years of economic development prospecting, the MZI Global® method has developed tools that enable foreign governments to create wealth generating jobs within their communities.

At the MZI Global® agency, all facets of this area are thoroughly excavated, including brand image, brand equity, and brand purpose. The findings, coupled with frequent symbolic actions, are then used when formulating strategies to enhance a community’

Planning and Development
To effectively address our clients’ concerns about economic development marketing, the MZI Global® approach is multi-faceted. This involves target industry / market research, development of marketing campaigns, and implementation.