"It's very challenging to cover 10 industries, 1,000+ products and have only 8 weeks to do so. MZI Global created winning strategies and superb implementation for the debut of 50 manufacturing companies from Korea! MZI Global took the challenges as an opportunity to excel!

Sophia Cho
USA International Manager

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MZI Global is a Market Entry Strategy and Implementation Consulting Firm Since 1987

Since 1987, MZI Global market entry consulting firm has been working with foreign governments, US start-ups, emerging foreign firms, and non-profit organizations. MZI Global works across 10 industries, 3 continents, and in 10 languages. MZI specializes in resolving market entry issues using a cost effective and venture style approach.
  • Market Entry Consulting
  • Market Entry Strategy Development
  • Research/ Micro-Segmentation
  • Strategy Implementation: IMC
  • Brand Development/Adaptation
  • Sales/Deal Making

Market Entry Consulting Focus: Strategy formulation, flawless strategy implementation and deal making. MZI Global partners with clients worldwide to ensure the successful design and implementation of strategic new market entry plans.

Market Intelligence/Micro-Segmentation: Our Ethnosynergism® marketing system network encompasses entire market entry strategy formulations, insights, and roadmaps. This methodology builds B2B and B2C business relationships to deliver lasting results from new market debuts. Combining up-to-date corporate intelligence with cultural insights, MZI Global creates market entry tools (IMC) that pave the way for new market entry successes.

Strategy Implementation/Integrated Marketing: MZI Global's market strategies narrowly focus on the most direct and cost effective path to optimize sale and minimize total costs. MZI Global offers a variety of integrated marketing solutions from B2B services, direct marketing, E-business, internet marketing and public relations. 

Global Branding Development/Adaptation We are dedicated to building respected and valuable brands and businesses for our clients world-wide. Our branding solutions include: brand building, brand recognition and development, and online branding.

Public Sector Services: MZI Global enables governments, government agencies, international trade associations, nonprofit groups and members of the independent sector to transform ideas, resources and talent into successes. Our public sector services include economic development marketing, social media marketing, and foreign government marketing. 

Cause Marketing/CSR: At MZI Global, merging business, CSR, philanthropy and diversity creates great opportunities not only for our firm, but also for our clients, their customers, employees, target communities and society at large. MZI Global utilizes our Ethnosynergism® market system to benefit clients and to make social progress. 

International Marketing: MZI Global leverages our comprehensive network of global clients to open the door to “The Americas”: Canada, Caribbean, North, Central and South America. With a global team in our NYC office, we assure clients’ commercial success in “The Americas” through our Ethnosynergism® market system, our comprehensive market entry strategy.

For more information, please visit our Ethnosynergism site.