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We accelerate our client’s achievements with customized roadmaps and strategy implementation for market entry success.
Mira Zivkovich
Managing Director
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Sustainable Market Entry via the MZI Global® method of Ethnosynergism®

Our core disciplines strategically meet objectives by utilizing our Ethnosynergism® market system to develop and implement tactical tools across every phase of the market entry process.
  • New Venture Consulting
  • Leading Networks and Alliances
  • Target Customer Segments
  • New Market Identification
  • Customized Market Entry Solutions
  • Strategic Analysis & Development

The MZI Global® agency offers transparent, market entry trade representation from its New York City office. Customized strategic roadmaps outline the path to negotiating and securing win-win trade deals. The agency conducts internal and external analysis, identifies unique market entry challenges, and overcomes obstacles to help clients maximize profits. We provide the analytical framework and tools necessary for successfully entering US markets.

Ethnosynergism (ES)® is a proprietary market system incorporating a global network of governmental, commercial, and non-profit entities with global intelligence flow and synergistic ventures that have consistently maximized Return on Investment for 22+ years. Identifying and analyzing meaningful micro-segments and cost-effective targets acquires and retains new customers. Accurate segmentation directs value-driven marketing campaigns to penetrate new markets, increase sales and facilitate brand loyalty.
Our services regarding market entry:

360˚ Market Assessment: The MZI Global® method includes evaluating external and internal factors affecting corporate goals before suggesting an action plan. A comprehensive discovery process enables our market experts to identify the most receptive and profitable global markets for your business.

New Market Identification: The MZI Global® method includes evaluating buyers’ purchasing behavior to capture the “voice of the customer” and gain insight on the receptive nature of each product in the marketplace. We identify the most profitable market segments for a successful product launch.

Micro-Segment Targeting: Whether launching a new product, re-launching an existing product or expanding your customer base, meaningful micro-segments cost-effectively target, acquire, and retain new customers. Our strategic roadmap streamlines the market entry process.

New Market Outreach: Our ES® approach rapidly identifies global revenue and sales opportunities to ensure a successful “grand entrance.” We evaluate the most appropriate time for entry and best processes and procedures for continued success.

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