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"Extraordinary results... that MZI Global mapped our strategy and marketing tools and represented our product in front of category buyers at Walgreens and Wal-Mart within 6 weeks of engagement."

Jin Gu Joung
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MZI Global's Ethnosynergism Networks: The Most Cost-Effective Entry into the U.S. Market

MZI Global leverages our comprehensive network of global clients to open the door to “The Americas”: Canada, Caribbean, North, Central and South America. With a global team in our NYC office, we assure clients’ commercial success in “The Americas” through Ethnosynergism® market system, our comprehensive market entry strategy.
  • Success in the U.S.
  • Risk Reduction
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Cost Effective Market Entry
  • Winning over Competition
  • Strategic Alliances & Channels

MZI Global’s Ethnosynergism® market system taps into core networks to create cost-effective market entry solutions.  A global network of established resources such as academic institutions, media outlets, market leaders of various national coalitions and associations and MZI Global’s clients’ networks, successfully integrates products into new

Benefits of MZI's International Marketing:

Gateway to Success
MZI Global creates and implements road maps for a successful market entry by foreign firms. Whether your marketing goal is to enter the U.S. market or reach out to global customers, MZI Global has the expertise and resources to orchestrate it.

Risk Reduction: Dynamic Strategies and Market Analysis
MZI Global minimizes all possible risks that our foreign clients could face. We assist you in identifying specific segments of the American market that are a match for your products and services.

Customized Market Entry Strategies
MZI Global create customized marketing strategies that benefit their clients throughout the market entry process. MZI Global develops an integrated marketing strategy to connect you with millions of potential customers.

Cost Effective Market Entry
MZI Global provides cost effective methods that have proved to be successful with foreign firm's market entry strategies. This allows MZInc to bring your products to market sooner, for less money, and with a higher degree of success.

Winning the Competitive Landscape
MZI Global's foreign clients are able to compete and thrive against the mass of competitors in the U.S. market. We ensure that you make a great impression that generates industry interest and business.

Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Channels
MZI Global is the perfect partner to help offshore manufacturers enter the U.S. market prudently. MZI Global's extensive network and proof of certificates allow their client's access to multiple channels, demographics and partnership opportunities.