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Cost Effective Market Entry

MZI Global, a strategic operations, advisory and management consulting firm, does all market entry based on cost benefits analysis. Ethnosynergism® market system identifies and distributes micro-segmented targets to reduce risk and associated cost. The cost-effective plan always includes:  

  • In-depth assessment for market introduction    
  • Cutting overhead, set-up and intermediary costs    
  • Market introduction plan:          
    • Pricing structures, budgets,          
    • Distribution channel recommendations,          
    • Launch schedules /timetables,          
    • Advertising, PR, and trade show strategies    
  • Development of a unit sales plan    
  • Sales,deal making and representation - We establish a real presence without our clients leaving their home country.    
  • Trade shows representation, brokerage and sales

MZI Global is the perfect partner to help offshore manufacturers enter the U.S. market prudently. We already have access to a wide variety of key distribution channels in a broad range of industries. Through our value-added Fusion Marketing services, MZI Global helps its clients share expenses between non-competing companies that sell to the same demographic. This allows MZI Global to bring your products to market sooner, for less money, and with a higher degree of success.

By partnering with MZI Global, you'll:

  • Gain instant access to U.S markets
  • Bring products to U.S markets more quickly at lower costs.
  • Leverage MZInc's relationships with non-competing companies to partner and reach identical audiences for half the cost of going it alone.
  • Capitalize on MZInc's expertise in trade show marketing to create buzz and business for your new product or services.
  • Have the advantage of working with a savvy international award-winning agency with offices New York, London, Lisbon, and Barcelona.