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Winning the Competitive Landscape

MZI Global’s clients enter the U.S. market well equipped with tools to compete and improve their competitive advantage:    

  • Research and in-depth understanding of America’s diverse markets
  • Targeted sales letters, web sites, product catalogs,trade show booths and more  
  • Direct marketing approach to sell directly to retailers and wholesalers  
  • Public relations expertise that creates buzz for clients’ new products or services
  • Marketing strategies that enhance overall impact,productivity, and brand positioning in the

MZI Global's international web leveraging service charts a path through the maze of cultural and lingual barriers that can mean the difference between capitalizing on international markets made more accessible through the Internet... or alienating entire countries of potential customers with uninformed, culturally inappropriate communication. Our services consist of much more than simply translating an English site into another language. Our comprehensive understanding of international cultures and market sensitivities ensure that our clients' marketing processes and messages resonate with the intended audiences.

MZI Global Internet Web Leveraging Service:

  • Modifies your marketing messages to the cultural sensitivities of various markets
  • Creates culturally specific marketing messages in over 7 languages
  • Modifies your e-commerce processes to suit the proclivities of specific international populations
  • Develops culturally appropriate advertising and marketing strategies
  • Provides web monitoring and tracking to gauge the effectiveness of current international digital marketing initiatives and adjust accordingly.