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Strategic Development:

  • Strategic Alliances
  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Brand Innovation / Adaptation
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Venture Consulting


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How Do You Successfully Present Your Business and Your Product to a New Marketplace?

MZI Global identifies your competitive advantages through our Ethnosynergism® marketing system (ES®). The comprehensive evaluation delivers a 360° view of the surrounding business landscape to reduce uncertainty and ensure successful new market entry.
  • Harness Key Strengths
  • Create Sustainable Advantage
  • Overcome Competition
  • Create Product Demand
  • Create Relationships
  • Maximize Profits

Escalating globalization presents an array of complex opportunities in the realm of strategic marketing. Radical innovations challenge executives to use their skill and vision in deciding which options to pursue. Moreover, the demands for ethical behavior and social responsibility continually increase due to the multitude of communication modes available to consumers. MZI Global conducts a comprehensive, 360˚ market evaluation of your business and surrounding environment to engineer a clear roadmap that effectively creates product demand.

Business Assessment
Business Assessment: MZI Global enables you to maximize profits from a new venture by harnessing your key strengths. We fully analyze your entire business framework, including competitors, industry trends, untapped customers, company make-up, resources

Market Assessment
Our experienced marketing team researches proposed markets with a variety of proven processes. MZI Global guides you to new markets that best match your customers' needs while meeting elements essential to new market entry success.

Competitive Analysis
Keeping in mind the intense competition in today’s marketplace, MZI Global incorporates proven strategies to prevent entering a new market solely on gut feeling. A complete analysis of direct and indirect competition prepares you for success.

ES® Segmentation Analysis
Ethnosynergism® market system identifies inherent and influential beliefs of narrow micro-segments. Using ES®, we discover emotional, intellectual and economical undercurrents to create long-term relationships and profitable marketing campaigns.