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Market Entry Services:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Strategic Development
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Sales Support
  • Deal Making
  • Deal Closing


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Community Connections and Strategic Alliances Enhance Market Entry Success

MZI Global® marketing has developed a network of over 30,000 distributors to precisely match new products with end users, wholesalers and distributors. Our comprehensive database withstands intense scrutiny of dynamic global markets and allows for agile modification.
  • Create Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Market Share
  • Minimize Product Launch Risk
  • Sales Channel Development
  • Lead Generations
  • Create Strategic Alliances

The MZI Global® method includes identifying possible points of entry in emerging segments by studying shopping patterns and needs of target communities. We understand product and packaging, pricing models, distribution lines and the competitive advantage needed to best attract specific consumer groups. With appropriately tailored marketing strategies, products make a personal impact on buyers within a community. As we integrate brands into targeted consumer lifestyles, recognition increases, awareness is maximized, and sales are increased.

Ethnosynergism® provides the MZI Global® agency with a multitude of cultural profiles that deliver distinct insights into hidden marketing channels, often inaccessible to larger firms. The cost-effective method creates customer loyalty and long-term rev

Sales Channel Development
MZI Global believes strong distribution and sales networks are paramount to establishing and maintaining market share. Our tailored sales and customer support strategies reach customers through mutually profitable relationships.

Lead Generation
Smart and valuable leads result from finding buyers who have a tangible interest in your products. MZI Global ensures a pipeline of new leads by combining concrete marketing experience and proven research methods.

Market Intelligence
MZI Global brings together specialized marketing and sales skills to thoroughly evaluate the environment, which minimizes your product launch risk. Our in-depth research unveils habits of potential customers and the competitive landscape.

MZI Global transforms products and services into powerful brands to successfully position your offerings in the competitive market place. From product naming to website content, MZI Global clearly and effectively captures the essence of your brand.

Strategic Alliances
MZI Global leverages longstanding relationships with key industry groups to foster winning partnerships that increase visibility and sales. We identify natural partners and create strategic alliances to naturally expand your customer base.