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  1. eBusiness Strategy - Identify trade business opportunities and devise plans of execution
  2. Market Intelligence - Define markets, research buyers, sellers and competitors, and recieve analysis reports


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How Do You Adequately Identify and Reach Small (Micro) Market Segments?

Understanding subcultures is key to turning profits from new market entry. MZI Global uses its proprietary Ethnosynergism® market system segmentation analysis to subdivide product markets into distinctive groups of potential buyers.
  • Identify a Clear Roadmap
  • Discover Value Proposition
  • Gain Brand Recognition
  • Penetrate New Markets
  • Implement Organizational Change
  • Create IMC Campaigns

Using Ethnosynergism® market system, MZI Global evaluates customers' values and norms as the baseline for global, regional and local marketing solutions. The microsegmentation process prepares you for the realities of a new marketplace by incorporating predetermined auditing metrics that allow for flawless implementation. Traditional research provides a general understanding of countries or regional climate. It also takes a long time to compile. Our microsegmentation approach quickly and consistently unveils relevant political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental inputs to penetrate new markets.

MZI Global combines traditional market research with strategic Ethnosynergism® market system to implement organizational changes. Fundamental market intelligence enables customers to successfully enter US and Global prospective markets.

Product Strategy
Through the Ethnosynergism® marketing system, MZI Global overcomes complications surrounding placement, price and promotion to deliver a strategically positioned product. We meet time-critical branding and new market entry requirements.

IMC Strategy
MZI Global creates integrated marketing campaigns that pave the way for new market entry success. We combine up-to-date corporate intelligence with cultural insights to ensure cohesive messaging across all media platforms.