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MZI Builds Your Brands:
  • Define market and develop values for clients' prodcuts/services
  • Identify clients' competitive advantages and value propositions, with necessary cost cutting to adjust to new market environment
  • Create brand pledge and communicate differentiation
  • Benchmark brand for quality standards and systems.
  • New brands: define most cost effecient way to get results
  • Implement aggressive brand promotion of product or company
  • Create brand experiences across every touch point clients customer segments, employees, suppliers, online and offline social media, public relations, digital and print
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Create a Unique Selling Proposition and Distinct Personality to Successfully Enter the Global Marketplace.

We excel in creating global brands that transcended cultural origins and develop strong relationships with consumers across different countries and cultures. We assist our clients in creating a brand identity, build recognition through consistency in message communication, track equity over time and invest in brand development at regular intervals.
  • Maintain Consistent Brand Image
  • Quickly Integrate Innovations
  • Reduce Marketing Costs
  • Create Economies of Scale
  • Reach International Media
  • Increase Business Globally

A brand that resonates with the cultural beliefs of its consumers is bound to enjoy a much stronger recall and repurchase value.  By using the Ethnosynergism® (ES®) market system, MZI Global identifies cultural, subcultural and economic parameters of prospective markets to create a unique selling proposition and distinct personality for new market entrants. Our ES® market system approach unveils cultural insights and values and combines them with in-depth market intelligence.  The result is global brands that transcend cultural origins and borders.

MZI Global creates brand identities that instill value, build awareness and motivate our clients’ to develop brand bonding for target segments (B2B or end-user/consumers). We align local market needs with our clients’ product, which creates three-dimensional positioning and measurable brand values. Our global brand building initiatives include the following:

Establish Brand Image
MZI Global creates memorable campaigns that effectively communicate brand attributes and value propositions to internal and external audiences. The well-implemented brand identity grabs the attention of buyers and generates sales.

Brand Positioning (using Ethnosynergism®)
By implementing the powerful marketing system of Ethnosynergism®, MZI Global fosters deep relational ties between clients’ brands and their target markets. Our comprehensive process builds sales and market share as well as brand equity.

Determine Consumer Preferences
The ever-changing face of the consumer requires constant re-evaluation of purchasing habits. MZI Global uses insights gained through Ethnosynergism® to create a roadmap for understanding and obtaining progressive levels of brand allegiance.