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Facilitate the Introduction of New Products with a Strong and Memorable Brand Strategy

Through decades of new market entry experience, MZI Global has created a comprehensive process to establish memorable and successful global brands. A strong brand facilitates the introduction of new products and becomes an integral part of a customer’s expectation set. Perception of the brand meeting customer needs and pre-existing values results in repeat business.
  • Create emotional connections
  • Cultivate loyal consumers
  • Ensure quality and accuracy
  • Deliver a consistent brand
  • Maximize brand image
  • Reach a global marketplace

The most important part of any business is its “brand name”. In fact, A strong brand that is easily recognized and recalled is often the difference between a market leader and an under performer.  Well-developed global brands promote customer loyalty by creating an emotional connection between the consumer and the company. MZI Global cultivates brands that are immediately recognized and known for attributes such as quality, efficiency and customer service.

MZI Global’s comprehensive brand development process defines and refines a brand to successfully move customers along the brand interaction continuum: from brand awareness and recognition to understanding its relevance in their lives, to a sense of affinity, and, finally, to loyalty.  By utilizing industry sources, publications, and market studies, MZI Global provides clients with broad insight into new markets.  We utilize Ethnosynergism® solution-based research services to deliver in-depth perspectives on specific consumer segments. The combination of a carefully selected market environment and focused research tools provides clients with a brand whose personality matches its’ target segment.

MZI Global ensures that the product offerings of our clients are tailored to provide superior customer value propositions. Very rarely does a product category exist where there is no competition. Even if there may be no direct competition, indirect competition is bound to exist from substitutable goods.  At MZI Global, without undermining competition, we achieve an exhaustive understanding of the rivalry that awaits a firm upon its entry in the new market. This enables us to provide keen insights for brand development for our clients and create a recognizable brand that differentiates your product from your competition.

Brand Personality
MZI Global creates compelling brand personalities that communicate key attributes of a brand to a specific target market. Whether implementing a catchy slogan or commercial voice-over, the brand personality shines through.

Marketing Communications
MZI Global’s end-to-end branding services ensure consistency and accuracy in all marketing materials. Our talented designers work with our brand strategists to reflect a constant brand identity throughout internal and external communications.