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MZI Global’s brand strategy approach via Ethnosynergism® resulted in a significant increase in market share, brand awareness and ROI for Donna Vinci Brands, expanding their clientele as much as 20% into African American markets.
Danny Golshan
CEO of Brasseur, Inc.
Donna Vinci, Lisa Rene,
DVC Exclusive and
DV Couture Brands

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MZI Global Builds Successful Brands Globally or Locally

MZI Global’s Ethnosynergism® market system successfully develops, builds, revitalizes and adapts global brands to new markets.
  • Innovative Branding
  • Bonding Brand with Targets
  • Brand Value Equals Sales
  • Intelligent Brand Adaptation
  • Positioning Brand
  • Reducing Risk

MZI Global, with a refreshingly unique market system approach Ethnosynergism®, provides brand solutions with a global perspective for today's challenges. We are dedicated to building respected and valuable brands and businesses for our clients world-wide. MZI Global’s branding strategy is more effective than traditional approaches, garnering higher levels of customer loyalty and reaching a larger pool of consumers. We establish this level of effectiveness by focusing on core functional benefits and enriching brand portfolios. 

The benefits of MZI Ethnosynergism® Market System:

Innovation - Branding Through Ethnosynergism® Market System
The combination of brand management consulting and our customer insights with Ethnosynergism® results in effective strategies.

Ethnosynergism® Bonds Client's Brand with Target
MZI creates strong ties between our clients and their target markets through our strategic campaigns and multiple channels of marketing.

Converting Brand Values into Sales
MZI Global provides consistent and accurate branding materials in order to promote our client's brands and increase their value and sales.

Intelligent Brand Adaptation
MZI Global's extensive market research and knowledge prepares and assists their client's brands in reaching their targets.

Positioning Brands for Success
MZI Global aligns client brands to the needs of their market.

Reduce Brand Risk Market Entry
MZI Global’s team of creative and strategic thinkers assures client’s success in building local/global brands by utilizing Ethnosynergism® and its rewarding benefits.