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Digital Branding:

  • B2B Online Strategic Development
  • Search Engine Management
  • Interactive User Perspective
  • Website Traffic Management
  • E-Business Brand Solutions
  • Web/Design Development
  • Social Media Implementation
  • Web 2.0/ Enterprise 2.0 tools


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Reinforce Your Brand by Translating Key Brand Attributes Into a Beneficial Online Experience

The rapid pace of social media marketing and technology has fundamentally shifted the creation and delivery of truly differentiated, compelling brands. MZI Global leverages these new opportunities to enhance brands through clear and precise e-branding strategies.
  • Reach Niche Communities
  • Form Strategic Alliances
  • Increase Site Visits
  • Maintain a 24-Hour Presence
  • Build an Interactive Resource
  • Transform Visitors to Buyers

In the face of constant change and innovation, which is characteristic of this relatively new medium, a successful brand is one that constantly reinvents itself. Online companies put branding to work with remarkable success as the Internet facilitates global recognition.  Online branding presents a unique opportunity to create new associations in minds of consumers while supporting brands in the physical world.

MZI Global designs consistent e-branding strategies to reach consumer segments across all channels. We zero in on target markets using our proprietary Ethnosynergism® methodologies.  Our experienced brand consultants research and understand the expectations consumers have for the online presence of the brand.  We strive to meet these expectations in all online branding efforts.  We understand that a brand built around consumer preferences helps convert web visitors into customers

At some point in the purchase cycle, consumers visit the website of brands from which they purchase or intend to purchase. Irrespective of whether the website offers the opportunity of making the purchase online, the brand’s identity on the web differentiates it from competitors. Online branding also affects the perception of a targeted audience towards an ecommerce store.

MZI Global’s online branding techniques translate brand messages to the Internet while maintaining brand effectiveness. This involves a deep understanding of likes and dislikes of the target consumer segment, which we gage through Ethnosynergism®. The entire communication plan delivers an online brand message designed to increase traffic, increase site engagement and increase buyers.

Understand Consumer Expectation
Our devoted team of brand specialists and innovative Ethnosynergism® tools provide insights on both consumer preferences and behavioral factors such as emotions and culture.

Ensure a High-Quality Experience
MZI Global creates an interactive web presence that keeps customers satisfied by truly understanding their online needs. We provide online resources that act as information portals for comprehensive service offerings and clear brand identity.

Differentiation and Customization
The vast opportunities of the Internet make clear branding more important than ever. MZI Global e-branding consultants use research gathered through Ethnosynergism® to distinctly position online brands from web-based competition.

Injecting Interactivity Online
The Internet is an interactive medium by nature. MZI Global encourages brand loyalty and consumer engagement through services such as e-newsletters, social networking, blogs, chats and a diverse range of interactive tools.

Form Strategic Alliances
From swapping banner ads and links to creating referral programs, MZI Global finds the most effective partnerships to enhance online brand identity and increase profits.

Building Credibility
Visitors search websites 24 hours a day from all parts of the globe. A credible brand presence is a must-have to encourage online relationships. MZI Global creates online branding strategies that present brands as reliable, trustworthy resources.

Dedication to Service
People move quickly on the Internet. They expect a fast response to questions, simple navigation and clear messaging. MZI Global provides a variety of tools to ensure that brands support customers during online interaction.