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  • Country/Regional Promotions
  • Trade and Tourism Marketing
  • Trade Conferences
  • Exhibitions & Trade Missions
  • Event Planning & Promotion
  • Political Campaigning
  • Partner Channel Development
  • Public Relations (On/Offline)
  • Product Launches
  • Road Shows
  • Sales Conferences/Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Logistics Management


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MZI Global® Breaking Barriers for Foreign Governments in the US Market

The MZI Global® method excels in transforming the name of a nation into a recognizable brand, hence causing the country name to be a primary source of competitive advantage and future earnings.
  • Create Nation Equity
  • Develop Marketing Campaign
  • Uncover Profitable Opportunities
  • Specified Action Plan
  • Goal Identification
  • Identify Market Segment Support

In the marketing world, country of origin is often communicated to consumers in the form of a “Made in…” label and is treated as a heuristic or a summary construct that influences product evaluations. Country-of-origin (COO) activates a rich associative network of stereotypes about the nation, its culture, and the perceived traits of its people. From an information processing perspective, country of origin serves as a cue that helps consumers evaluate products from nations. With disappearing trade barriers and the marketplace being swamped with numerous products it is imperative that foreign nations develop equity that translates into favorable opinion for their products. With decades of experience and numerous success stories, we approach this challenge in a structured way and achieve this task in four main stages.

Action Plan
Developing a customized marketing plan for each foreign government to achieve the objectives.

Goal Identification
MZI Global® methodology is a preferred choice of clients when it comes to foreign government marketing as we excel in creating nation equity for countries.

The MZI Global® agency conducts and utilizes data from analysis to aid clients with trend predictions and to help them develop and implement a successful strategy.