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The Ethnosynergism® market system approach is highly rewarding, not only for our clients but also for society at large. It starts with our own company’s strategy of doing social and environmental good deeds. This altruistic approach creates competing values, strong brand and includes ALL stakeholders in the Ethnosynergism® market system process.

Mira Zivkovich
Managing Director
MZI Global

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Ethnosynergism® - Command Value from Diverse Cultural Markets

MZI Global’s unique methodology uncovers the ethnographic nuances of consumers’ behavior. Ethnosynergism® based research and analysis creates relational insights that enable new market entrants to form long lasting impressions in the minds of consumers.
  • Detect Consumer Trends
  • Engage New Targets
  • Change Paradigms
  • Improve Corporate Image
  • Eliminate Cultural Barriers
  • Actualize Your Vision

MZI Global regards culture and cultural nuances as information systems.  We leverage this belief system through Ethnosynergism® (ES®), which sets us apart from traditional market research and allows us to dig deeper into consumer behavior and its artifacts. ES® is a time-tested approach that has the capacity to produce a valid, contextual understanding of consumer behavior.  Although geographical boundaries of trade are quickly disappearing, micro differences that characterize consumer segments cannot be overlooked. 

For more than two decades, MZI Global has utilized superior knowledge of ethnic and niche consumer segments gained through ES® research methodology to provide a large return on investment (ROI) for clients.  The proven system delivers insights on consumer preferences and incidental factors such as emotions and culture. By aligning data received from traditional research with ES® research, our devoted team of specialists delivers a set of marketing tools that synergistically connect companies and brands with ethnic and diverse communities living within the United States and abroad.

The ES® Research Methodology Includes:

The average consumer no longer exists. Customers increasingly see themselves as unique individuals and perception of this newfound individuality has exploded in the past decade. At MZI Global, we excel in capitalizing on consumer’s individuality.

Consumer Insights
The ever-changing face of the consumer requires constant identification and re-evaluation. At MZI Global, we recognize that diversity has become the standard. It is with this knowledge that we embarked on our mission of ES®.

New Product Development
Bringing a new product or service to a market is perhaps one of the riskiest tasks a business faces. Research proves that more than 50% of new products launched every year fail to survive and taste success. MZI Global masters the art of differentiation.