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MZI GlobalĀ® Portfolio of Services

MZI Global® strategies provide a tactical market entry roadmap for 10 + cultures and multiple industries.  MZI Global Inc.’s consulting practice focuses on new market entry and deal making delivering over 1,000 breakthrough projects since 1987. We serve international  clients as well as US based companies seeking expansion into local multicultural and global markets.

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Global Branding and Adaptation
  • Tactical Implementation
  • Growth of International Footprint
  • Venture Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Market Research: MZI Global research and analysis services give our clients critical business insights into core business strategies that are indispensable for new market entry. We have the necessary technology, advanced data analytical capability, domain expertise and business intelligence to create high levels of measurable business value for our clients. We gather data and conduct analysis for our clients, as well as their competitors, to establish a unique selling proposition that sustains successfully market entry.

Market Adaptation
: Entering a new market requires a deep understanding of its culture so as to successfully attract and not to unintentionally offend your consumers. At the heart of MZI Global market adaptation strategy is our trademarked Ethnosynergism® methodology that is based on cultural micro-segmentation. By discovering unique cultural market segments, we reveal essential insights needed to penetrate international and domestic markets.

Branding: Would you like to stand out from the crowd and create life-long loyal customer base? It is possible with MZI Global® branding program. MZI Global® branding is not only about designing your corporate identity but getting into your customers' mind and selling the product.

Public Relations and Publicity: In today’s market, it is not enough to generate appearance in certain journals or magazines. It is critical to create the whole complex of micro-segment promotional programs in order to create appreciable commotion around the brand.  The MZI Global® PR team goes above and beyond expectations and will create a high-quality and sustained campaign that guarantees stable results.

Social Media Campaigns: Social Media Networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube have more than five million visitors everyday and considered to be an essential promotional tool for any company’s growth. MZI Global® creates and leads persuasive social media campaigns that increases consumer interest in your company’s products/services, promotes your brand, increases sales and gives your company a sense of control in an uncertain marketplace.

Buyers Matching: MZI Global® understands that the ultimate goal for any business is competing and selling their products. Our buyers matching program is strategically designed to connect you with the most influential buyers in the industry and generate long-term distribution partnerships locally and internationally.

Trade Show Representation: MZI Global® agency will strategically represent your company at leading industry trade show to minimize your expenses and guarantee sales results. Your company will benefit significantly from utilizing the MZI Global® marketing hands-on experience, pre-show promotional campaign, pre-show deal making and post-show follow-up without spending time and money on transportation, hotel accommodations or travel expenses to the U.S.

Custom Publishing: Custom publishing is one of the most effective tools in MZI Global® strategy. We design and produce memorable publications in print, multimedia and online.  MZI Global® agency offers a complete turnkey editorial, design and production service, and assistance in developing sponsorship and circulation strategies for a variety of custom publishing industries.

Secure Website and E-commerce Development: E-Commerce is one of the most important facets of the Internet to have emerged in the recent times. The MZI Global® team will build the website that is most appropriate for your needs, basing it off of industry standards, cultural norms, targeted audience preferences, and successful competition practices. The MZI Global® e-commerce will expand your business globally, increase business sales, create new relationship opportunities, increases brand/product awareness, establish customer loyalty and decrease operational costs.

Legal Trademark: Trademark is one the most effective ways to protect your brand and ideas. MZI Global® world renowned trademark legal experts ensure the best results for your company and register your trademark in 55 countries all over the world including in the United States, China, Japan, the European Union, South Korea, and many others.

Industry Certifications: For the credibility and growth of your business, it is of the utmost importance to obtain global and local industry certifications. MZI Global® talented team will make a complex process of certifications worry-free and generate the best possible results for your company.

Subsidiary in the United States: MZI Global Inc. will provide your company efficient, low-cost access to the world’s largest marketplace, thanks to its central New York City location and extensive experience representing foreign companies in the United States. Propel your reputation to global standards and gain brand recognition in the world’s best integrated national market. MZI Global Inc. will take care of the many planning stages to quickly and effectively set up your company in the United States.