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In-Depth Market Research and Analysis

MZI Global creates cost effective research for successful market entry by integrating hard data gathered from our invaluable research processes. We quickly achieve in-depth market knowledge by aligning traditional research methods with our proprietary Ethnosynergism® system. Discover and profit from lucrative markets through:
  • Industry Specific Research
  • Cultural Profiling
  • Strategic Market Audit
  • Comprehensive Trend Analysis
  • Consumer Driving Insights
  • New Product Development

MZI Global custom research and analysis services give our clients critical business insights into core business strategies that are indispensable for new market entry. We have the necessary technology, advanced data analytical capability, domain expertise and business intelligence to create high levels of measurable business value for our clients. We gather data and conduct analysis for our clients, as well as their competitors, to establish a unique selling proposition that sustains successfully market entry. MZI Global market research includes the following:

  • Initial market research
  • Market condition analysis
  • Industry specific research
  • Trade specific research
  • Target audience identification and research
  • Competitive advantages identification
  • Trends and forecasting
  • Consumer analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Internal and SWOT analysis
  • Pro forma and financial projections
  • Product assessment and analysis
  • Barriers to entry analysis
  • Buyers’ purchasing behavior analysis
  • Interviews and meetings with buyers
  • Regulations and legal aspects
  • Ethnographic market analysis
  • Business strategy identification
  • Cost and benefits analysis
  • Marketing and advertising strategies
  • B2B sales strategy
  • Branding strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Critical checklist and key success factors
  • Market adaptation

Click here to view the PDF version of our Market Research and Analysis Package (low res - 184kb).