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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is MZI Global all about?

MZI Global is a narrowly focused on “market entry” consultancy.  MZI Global’s product service portfolio contains solutions for 15 industries, with multi-cultural experiences (which leverage into international markets) - 10 languages and 4 continents. MZI Global’s unique market entry model, Ethnosynergism®, does not require huge overhead expenditures but utilizes our global network of companies, contacts, and governments right here in NYC.

What are MZI Global's advantages?

MZI Global's advantages are:
MZI Global’s proven strategy solutions deliver the added value of a customer segmentation research strategy and competitive positioning. We develop value chain optimization solutions and deliver real world examples of how we’ve provided comprehensive solutions to our customers. MZI Global practices social responsibilities in areas critical to our firm’s ongoing success; as such, we add that to our strategic solutions for market entry.
  1. 1. MZI Market Entry services cover
    • A new industry in the same geographical area
    • The same industry in a new geographical area
    • A new industry and a new geographical area
  2. 2. New Brand Development
  3. 3. New Ventures

What are the benefits of working with MZI Global?

Benefits of MZI Global:
  • Key success factor – proven success in ES® methodology
  • Provide/maintain pioneering status via ES® (new channels, new approaches, new strategies)
  • Confidence – Thousands of successes under our belt and case studies to prove it (from concept to market place introduction)
  • Internal and external endorsements (clients, professional, and governments)
  • CSR as part of strategy
  • Meaningful and specific solutions for clients issues
  • Support and realism in the solutions
  • Focused on benefits for result oriented clients. Present crystal clear benefits via an emphasis on market entry and Ethnosynergism®
Benefits for MZI Clients:
  • MZI Global Networks
  • Experience – over 1000+ projects
  • Reputation
  • 15 industries, 10 languages and network of partners
  • Academic network
  • Long-term sustainable improvements in value
  • Delivering essential market understanding and evaluation
Guarantee and Benefits:
We can't guarantee to solve all your problems. We will make all reasonable effort towards reasonable goals, however.  We will, however, guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our consulting, we will refund 100% of the fee upon receiving a reasonable description of how and why you are dissatisfied.

What are the most common concerns of MZI Global's clients?

Whether they are a US based or a global/international firm, clients are most concerned about the risk of entering new markets that they are unfamiliar with. We provide a comprehensive roadmap on how to best enter their target markets and reach their customers. We design the entire road map including implementation and deal making as well as how to craft their message to how to design their marketing materials to what channels they should sell their product in.

MZI Global client’s benefits from same “cultures” whether they are domestic (multicultural segment) or global (international segment)
  1. 1. US Local-multicultural segment – testing on local markets with multicultural segments right here in US.
  2. 2. Global – leverage US local market research to target segment internationally, narrowing offerings based on experience with US multicultural segments
  3. 3. MZI Global Clients’ Benefits
    • Global reach – Local knowledge
    • Ongoing support – mentoring
    • Continuing relationship
    • Quick delivery, reduced waiting time
    • Solutions adapted for local circumstances
    • Increased understanding and trust

What is MZI Global’s fee and engagements process?

MZI Global is "Lean and Mean": No firm of our size can match our international and multicultural experience, with value proposition unmatched to any other consulting firm specializing in market entry issues.

MZI Global clients can choose and slice our services as follow:
  • Strategy Formulation Engagement:
    • Retainer consulting
    • Project consulting
    • Market research
    • Market research published reports - new studies
  • Implementation/Tactical Services:
    • Strategy Implementation Roadmap
    • Creation of integrated market entry tool
    • Especially strong focus on interactive and PR products
  • Sales/Deal Making:
    • Fee: cost and %
    • Additional leverage by taking brokerage positions and representation positions


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