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Educational Sector: MZI Global School Partnership Services to Expand School Outreach to Global Student Markets

MZI Global®, a specialist in 10+ cultures and speaks 10 languages, attracts diverse, affluent international student to schools. The international recruiting industry adds $20 billion annually to the U.S. economy, based on fact that education and training is one of the United States' leading services exports.
  • Global Branding Strategies
  • Marketing Services
  • New Media Specialist
  • Custom Publishing (books, publication, art materials)
  • Public Relations - National/International
  • Publicity/Promotion of School Events

MZI Global Develops Brand Strategy Assistance in Global Presence Leadership:

MZI Global Strategic Program results in increased enrollment, reduced barriers, positions the school on global level and emphasizes the prestige of the school.

MZI Global assists educational institutions in promoting their brand and reputation globally across cultural diversity via customized target programs in order to enhance the public perception of the school. MZI Global implements online strategies that engage the educational sector's key audiences and communicates creatively, using the latest web tools including multimedia/video environment.

Develops leadership programs to ensure school graduates’ local and global job opportunities:

  • Develop “socially responsible” status for schools
  • Implement diversity and globalization
  • Increase international student enrollment
  • Promote schools’ academic “uniqueness” and brand
  • Create unique school specific programs not available in other school
  • Unique leadership programs
  • Partnership with other emerging nations' tops schools (such as Asia/China)
  • Create active and strong alumni network, which is not only local but global
  • Create partnerships with corporate, foreign government and other private entities for graduates to prosper after completing school programs
  • Formulate strategy and implementation plan for school to become a top international educational institution

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