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"MZI Global effectively monitored, refined and measured their performance against our market entry objectives in selling our product NOSK. It was a WIN-WIN for all stakeholders."
Jin Gu Joung
SamJoung Int.

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Profitable B2B Transactions Stem from Integrated Marketing Solutions

In the competitive B2B arena, a solid marketing strategy executed flawlessly is essential to success. Whether targeting business, industrial, institutional or government buyers, MZI Global maintains its position at the forefront of business-to-business marketing.
  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Develop Lasting Relationships
  • Maintain Competitive Advantage
  • Infiltrate New Markets
  • Deliver Memorable Events
  • Communicate Consistently

Often, new market entrants attempt to infiltrate the marketplace with limited understanding of local cultures, buying behavior and competition. Even when basic knowledge of these elements exists, market development is complex and expensive. MZI Global implements strategic marketing programs that overcome these new market challenges to generate sustainable and measurable business growth. As we combine research from the Ethnosynergism® marketing system with creativity and technical skill, clients see added value in their business-to-business transactions.

MZI Global’s B2B Services include:

Trade Shows
Properly implemented trade shows offer a valuable opportunity for new market entrants to personally introduce, promote and demonstrate products to prospective buyers. MZI Global provides experienced trade show marketing services for variety of B2B needs.

Collateral Materials
MZI Global engages potential buyers through branded collaterals such as website design, print pieces, interactive tools and more. Communicating with a consistent brand message builds awareness and achieves sustained differentiation in the marketplace.