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MZI Global's IMC services are ideal for:
  • Launching new products
  • Expanding your customer base
  • Entering new markets
  • Developing new customer segments

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What do Your Customers Really Want?

At MZI Global, our direct marketing services cut through the clutter to facilitate market entry. We provide trackable, measurable campaigns that drive purchases and generate new business through strategic calls-to-action.
  • Identify Key Drivers
  • Create Strategic Messaging
  • Convert Prospects to Buyers
  • Find International Targets
  • Easily Track Results
  • Gain Invaluable Market Insight

MZI Global creates targeted direct marketing campaigns that build a one-to-one connection between a consumer’s need and your ability to fulfill that need. Our customized direct marketing campaign breakthrough cultural and linguistic barriers to deliver powerful messages as you enter new markets. Direct marketing is also an efficient way to test new markets before large-scale production begins.

MZI Global designs, delivers and manages direct marketing programs that drive response from targeted recipients. Our programs reach new customers using multiple channels such as catalogs, telemarketing, personal selling and direct mail. From database mining to campaign execution, we provide tactical direct marketing initiatives that increase sales and enhance consumer relationships.

MZI Global’s Direct Marketing services include:

MZI Global creates detailed and comprehensive catalog plans to meet your specific financial and strategic objectives. Our extensive industry experience and innovative Ethnosynergism® methodology captivates and converts prospects into buyers.

Our strategic telemarketing plans generate leads, increase sales and provide valuable customer feedback and market insight. With targeted scripts and sales messages, we clearly communicate your offerings to maximize response and revenues.

Personal Selling
In both B2B and B2C markets, our personal selling programs help you build long-term customer relationships. We provide market entrants with precise methods to maximize market response by integrating Ethnosynergism® research.

Direct Mail
MZI Global creates strategic, targeted mailings that draw high response rates at reduced costs. Using Ethnosynergism® based consumer profiles, we develop customized direct mail campaigns that effectively connect your message with your target market.