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MZI Global's Strategic Services:
  • Lower costs
  • Increase awareness
  • Expand distribution
  • Capture new markets
  • Increase market share

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How Do You Plan to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition?

E-Business is an integral part of the modern business arsenal. It serves as an effective and cost efficient means for establishing your brand and promoting your offerings in an unfamiliar market.
  • Leverage Online Resources
  • Build Global Communities
  • Keep Updates Easy
  • Incorporate E-Commerce
  • Facilitate Online Sales
  • Carve Your Unique Niche

MZI Global’s strategic e-business services ensure that new market entrants develop a web based marketing program that transcends basic business functions. We leverage our extensive micro-segmentation experience and our Ethnosynergism® (ES®) research techniques to create memorable, emotional ties to your target markets. Our e-business strategies inform, engage, and excite your audience, which improves the effectiveness of your entire marketing plan. From user-friendly e-commerce sites to community building social networks, our cultural insights into your target audience breakthrough new market barriers and optimize effectiveness.

MZI Global’s E-Business solutions include:

MZI Global’s customized e-learning programs reduce publishing and distribution costs through web-based training solutions. Whether used to educate your staff or deliver cohesive messaging to partners, our e-learning programs improve communication.

Global Community Building
A strong community can make the difference between a one-time purchase and a life-long sales relationship. By creating consumer loyalty, MZI Global protects your brand from being considered a commodity while creating free word of mouth advertising.

Content Management
MZI Global content management solutions provide new market entrants with scalable toolsets to easily update products, news, events, website structure and more. Any size company can maintain content via our simple, web-based interfaces.

E-commerce websites that are easy-to-use, credible and dependable enable you to build and maintain profitable relationships with your new target markets. MZI Global’s suite of e-commerce solutions facilitates cost-effective entry to new markets.

Internet Branding
MZI Global cuts through the Internet’s information overload to find the best branding opportunities for new market entrants. We provide clients with a simple and specific roadmap to heighten online brand identity.

Web Design and Development
MZI Global web design and development services provide quality optimization, enhanced functionality and high-end aesthetics. Dedicated to generating leads and conversions, our websites boost the effectiveness of new market entry strategies.