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MZI Global's Campaign Management:
  • Shifts resources for value opportunities
  • Identifies key marketing drivers
  • Increases yields
  • Reduces customer defections

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Are You Ready to Make Headlines?

Dynamic public relations initiatives and well-executed media outreach lend credibility to your brand. Encourage action from current and new consumers through MZI Global’s PR campaigns.
  • Strengthen Your Brand Image
  • Reach Key Media
  • Generate Leads and Sales
  • Gain Maximum Exposure
  • Create Strong Relationships
  • Deliver Compelling Messages

Benefiting all touch points, MZI Global’s dynamic PR programs provide new market entrants with an inexpensive means to reach large audiences, which is crucial for building product, service, and brand awareness. Our high-impact PR campaigns are tailored to fit your needs from initial market research and strategic planning to editorial services, event planning, PR monitoring and metrics, media services and blog consulting. New market entrants effectively communicating with target audiences, create name recognition and establish a desired brand image through MZI Global’s PR initiatives.

MZI Global PR services include:

Media Relations
MZI Global incorporates traditional and creative measures in our media outreach. Our expert media consultants have long-standing relationships with key media, which enables our clients to remain prevalent in the news.

Digital and Dynamic Tools
MZI Global’s dynamic PR tools cost effectively disseminate your products and messages to new markets. Tailored to each client, these tools develop credibility, promote accomplishments, attract investments, and generate sales leads.

Social Media
Guarantee maximum exposure and profits by building relationships with key audiences and influencers. At MZI Global, we leverage blogs, social networks, forums, viral videos, and online communities to reach strategic partners and target audiences.