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July 29, 2009

MZI Welcomes New Chinese Addition

MZI Welcomes a New Addition

MZI welcomes on board Feng Christina Yuan, expert in technology, Chinese culture and linguistics

As a multi-channel integrated multicultural/multilingual agency, MZI Global has added Feng Christina Yuan to the MZI Global team.  Ms. Yuan is a Harvard graduate, expert in several IT technologies, a skilled translator of multiple Chinese dialects, as well as possessing an in depth knowledge of both business management and Chinese culture. Her forte is in bridging the cultural, linguistic, and technology gaps that hinder US companies from marketing to and conducting commerce in Chinese markets. Her talents will help MZI Global to effectively serve clients who wish to capitalize on emerging Chinese markets both domestically in the US and internationally in Asia.

Statistics reveal why Chinese audiences are crucial for new millennium marketers:

* Chinese languages eclipse English as a native language, spoken by 20.7 % of the world population.
* Three-quarters of these, or 15 % of the world population, speak Mandarin alone - nearly three times as many people as have English as a first language.
* The Chinese American market has almost doubled in the last decade and has several billion dollars of discretionary income at its disposal, which continues to grow.

Companies of any size wish to leverage the Internet to reach global markets, and therefore, need to offer versions of their websites in each of the languages of their prime target markets.

Ms. Yuan’s knowledge of information technology and business along with her expertise in Chinese culture and linguistics , make her a valuable addition to the MZI Global family. "The awareness and proper utilization of the linguistic and cultural tendencies of global audiences is absolutely vital for those companies wishing to fully take advantage of the increased opportunities for international commerce that the Internet provides.  MZI Global realizes this and is committed to helping companies realize their global visions.", says company President and founder, Mira Zivkovich,

Who We Are at MZI Global Market Entry Strategy Firm:

‘Engaging with customers on their own “terrain” in terms of sharing of knowledge,experience, and culture, to create brand attachments’

MZI Global is an award-winning, strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in new market entry, ethnic segmentation, strategy, and marketing across a wide spectrum of industries. Since 1987 MZI has been under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.  MZI Global’s Ethnosynergism ® methodology delivers cost efficient, highly competitive market entry solutions for B2B and B2C markets. Our company is committed to guiding its clients from initial strategy to well executed solutions, helping them surmount any challenge and achieve their every business goal. We connect our clients with target markets worldwide. 

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