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July 28, 2009

Diversification at MZI Global

  • Diversification at MZI Global

    Marketing and Interactive Media go Hand in Hand

    MZI Global is expert in several arenas including interactive technology that can facilitate on-line banking capability and aggregation, as well as creating masterful marketing messages across multiple media platforms.  The power of integrated marketing is that all of your marketing efforts from interactive media, to collateral materials, to advertising, to public relations, special events, and sales promotions all work towards the same goal within the framework of a unified strategy.

    To design and create the different components of your technology/marketing mix without a central strategy focusing on your firm’s agenda is to work against yourself. If you haven’t integrated your marketing and technology initiatives yet, MZI Global is capable of taking you to the cutting edge either from concept to completion, or by working with your in-house technical staff to guarantee that you’re getting the greatest return on your technology investment,

    If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense
    MZI Global knows that as a financial-services firm, you must approach all technology initiatives on a return on investment basis.  Internet initiatives in particular must enhance efficiency, cut costs, or streamline processes in order to be of value. Channeling customers to conduct their financial affairs over the internet has multiple benefits.  Online banking customers cost your company less per customer per transaction.  Online banking customers also carry higher balances and have less turn over, while rarely moving their accounts to competing institutions. You can also utilize internet technology to reduce communication cost by creating a virtually paperless relationship with your customers.

    MZI Global has a multitude of strategies to accomplish your goals whether it is acquiring new customers, increasing customer retention, or cutting cost by streamlining your processes to make them more efficient.

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    Who We Are at MZI Global Market Entry Strategy Firm:
    ‘Engaging with customers on their own “terrain” in terms of sharing of knowledge, experience, and culture, to create brand attachments’

    MZI Global is an award-winning, strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in new market entry, ethnic segmentation, strategy, and marketing across a wide spectrum of industries. Since 1987 MZI has been under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.  MZI Global’s Ethnosynergism ® methodology delivers cost efficient, highly competitive market entry solutions for B2B and B2C markets. Our company is committed to guiding its clients from initial strategy to well executed solutions, helping them surmount any challenge and achieve their every business goal. We connect our clients with target markets worldwide.  For more information, please visit

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