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July 29, 2009

MZI Goes Greek

MZI Goes Greek

Bob Nicolaides Adds Greece to Our Diverse Team of Associates

As a multi-channel integrated multicultural agency MZI Global is announcing that Bob Nicolaides will be joining the team as a Hellenic media expert.  Mr. Nicolaides’ fluency in the Greek language, strong connections in the Hellenic community both domestically and internationally, as well as his in-depth understanding of Hellenic culture make him a considerable asset to MZI Global and its multi-ethnic/global marketing ability. The synthesis of these competencies with his media expertise is a potent combination.

Mr. Nicolaides is a journalist, editor, travel writer, and food critic with over thirty years of experience in writing both English and Greek.  In addition, he has served as both an anchor and guest on several television and radio shows.  He has lectured for such organizations as the Hellenic University Club, the Hellenic American Press, and the Hellenic American Bankers Association.  Mr. Nicolaides has served as a Public Affairs Representative and editor of the Manhattan Division newsletter for Con Edison for the last thirty years.

His expertise is currently being utilized on a project for the Greek government promoting commerce and tourism with a custom published coffee table volume entitled “Greece, Gods & Games.”  MZI Global is committed to creating messages that are more than just a translation into a particular language, but tailored with the cultural viewpoint in mind so as to truly connect with global audiences. 

"Bob’s experience and talents are especially valuable to us. Bob’s skill with several media and his knowledge of the language and culture add an important dimension to MZI Global’s international marketing expertise.", says Mira Zivkovich, President of the company.

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