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July 28, 2009

MZI Global Masters of Efficiency Reaches a “New” Market

MZI Global  Masters of Efficiency Reaches a “New” Market

MZI Global partners with the minority market in order to expose increased
profitability for European clients

MZI Global Advertising, a New York-based integrated
marketing firm, has perfected the science of targeting
the wealthy and influential decision makers that
shape the trends and opinions of the rest of society. 
The strategy is an effective alternative to mass-marketing, instead
focusing on highly defined markets with the financial means or
influence that can make or break products, ideas, and services all by

This initiative grew from the firm’s demonstrated
success of zeroing in on specifically defined market
segments that deliver a much higher rate of return than
mass-marketing campaigns.  For example, while there
are far fewer Indian physicians in the U.S. than
"35-65-year-olds with an annual income of 75k +," the
ability to speak to the perspective and concerns of a
highly focused group, consistently leads to a response
rate that that is dramatically higher than more traditional
marketing methods.

MZI Global reaches these highly defined lucrative niche
markets by partnering with philanthropic and
professional organizations, as well as leveraging
channels, environments and events that are a perfect
cultural and economic match for the selected audience.
Recent and relevant research is an absolute must, as
high-end marketing is worlds away from where it was
even 10 years ago. The make up of today’s affluent
market may surprise you! See chart:

Rise of the "New" affluent market
- 197% rise in females among the affluent (1991 –
- 154% increase in African – Americans (1991 – 2000)
- 126% increase in Hispanics (1991 – 2000)
- 123% of Asians (1991- 2000)
- Affluent populations can be found in a variety of
locations currently, not just one area
- Affluence is no longer restricted to white-collar jobs
- Small business owners
- Those who "worked hard and saved hard"

"Through associations and events such as
European-American society balls, upscale
organizations such as yachting clubs, African-
American fraternities and sororities, and
Asian-American professional groups, we are able to
deliver new influential and affluent market segments
that can provide very profitable returns for our clients! 
We’re committed to being more than a service
provider-- we cultivate a deep understanding of our
client’s business and goals so that we can develop
untapped marketing and brand equity opportunities.", says MZI Global President and CEO, Mira Zivkovich.

Who We Are at MZI Global Market Entry Strategy Firm:

‘Engaging with customers on their own “terrain” in terms of sharing of knowledge,experience, and culture, to create brand attachments’

MZI Global is an award-winning, strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in new market entry, ethnic segmentation, strategy, and marketing across a wide spectrum of industries. Since 1987 MZI has been under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.  MZI Global’s Ethnosynergism ® methodology delivers cost efficient, highly competitive market entry solutions for B2B and B2C markets. Our company is committed to guiding its clients from initial strategy to well executed solutions, helping them surmount any challenge and achieve their every business goal. We connect our clients with target markets worldwide.  For more information, please visit

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