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July 29, 2009

Pauliina Raitosola, Director of Interactive Communications

Pauliina Raitosola, Director of Interactive Communications

MZI Global’s Director of Interactive Communication, Pauliina Raitosola, contributes not only a wealth of interactive design experience and creativity; she also has a thorough grasp of the larger marketing concepts that guide all of MZI Global’s work. Educated in Helsinki with a M.F.A. degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Ms. Raitosola has an international perspective, having lived and worked in Finland, The United States and Spain. Before Ms. Raitosola began working in multimedia, she expressed her creativity through the fine arts. Her photography and video installations have been exhibited in both group and individual art shows in Finland.

In addition to the outstanding interactive concept and design work she has done for MZI Global, Ms. Raitosola has previously worked as a senior designer for Media Circus Interactive and as a Design Director for interactive media developer, Black Hammer Productions. She has also worked for clients such as IBM, Oxygen, Scholastic, Conde Nas, Cherry Coke and Bombardier. Says MZI Global President and CEO, Mira Zivkovich, "Pauliina is a perfect match with our philosophy on interactive design and marketing. MZI Global believes in creating dynamic interactive environments in which people conduct commerce, connect with their audiences, and communicate the uniqueness of what that particular business, organization, or individual has to offer. We leverage interactive technology to accomplish our clients’ goals within the frame work of a holistic integrated marketing strategy."

Who We Are at MZI Global Market Entry Strategy Firm:

‘Engaging with customers on their own “terrain” in terms of sharing of knowledge,experience, and culture, to create brand attachments’

MZI Global is an award-winning, strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in new market entry, ethnic segmentation, strategy, and marketing across a wide spectrum of industries. Since 1987 MZI has been under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.  MZI Global’s Ethnosynergism ® methodology delivers cost efficient, highly competitive market entry solutions for B2B and B2C markets. Our company is committed to guiding its clients from initial strategy to well executed solutions, helping them surmount any challenge and achieve their every business goal. We connect our clients with target markets worldwide. 

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