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December 16, 2010

Leading Gas Mask Developer, Samgong Corporation to Promote Industry Safety Masks and Practices

Korean company Samgong Corporation, a global leader in the production on NBC protective equipment, is introducing its innovative masks and helping to promote industry safety standards in Chile. Samgong Masks and filter respirators offer the wearer new levels of comfort and protection from hazardous compounds.

Since 1950, Samgong Corporation has developed high-quality, high-performance respiratory personal protective equipment such as industrial gas and dust masks. “We are dedicated to contributing to the protection of workers against industrial accidents, like the recent one in Chile,” said CEO of Samgong Corporation. “Our products ensure a wide, unobstructed field of vision and are produced with the conviction that they will save someone’s life.”

Samgong is proud to be a strong partner of South Korean Army, Navy and Air forces for more than 30 years proving superior protection to national solders with Samgong K-1 masks. Samgong is constantly investing in its product development and innovation to deliver advanced safety and comfort for its users. By utilizing the same cutting-edge technology for military and industrial masks Samgong guarantees outstanding product performance and exceptional quality.

Samgong is providing its consumers from all over the world with premium low and medium density canister that protects not only from organic vapor but also various gases such as ammonia, acid, halogen or sulfur dioxide. All Samgong products are certified by The Korean Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) as well as Korean Government, have an excellent international market reputation and deliver a very cost-effective customized solution for all consumer needs. “Our highest quality true full spectrum products are currently available in the industrial safety market, civil defense project, inflatable rubber product market, defense industry, and fire safety market” said CEO of Samgong Corporation.

All of the Samgong masks offer a soft and comfortable seal without skin irritation. An X-guided strap ensures even distribution of the mask against the face, without unwanted pressure on the face or pulling of the hair. A complete face seal also creates optimal leak prevention.

“By leveraging more than fifty years of experience and know-how while keeping up with the new economy order for the 21st century, we will continue to sharpen our focus on achieving management and technological innovations in order to be recognized as the global leader in providing best-in-breed NBC protective equipment” said CEO of Samgong Corporation.

Product Overview:

Samgong Dust Respirators and Gas Masks offer great comfort due to the adoption of double sealed face pieces. They are ideal for use at dust removal worksites or at oil mist-generating workplaces. Features include:

  • Application of the latest version of a 2P2F cartridge
  • Ideally suitable for painting/coating operations
  • Excellent dust collection efficiency due to wider (two times) filtering area
  • Cost-effectiveness due to watertight and oil-proof features
  • Reusable dust filter up to 7 times

Samgong Gas Masks’ three point connection method and packing ensures no leakage and full protection for health and safety precautions. Features include:

  • Effective protection against various toxic gases
  • Elimination of offensive odor due to the sue of activated carbon fiber of a gas mask
  • Face piece designed for secure and comfortable fit an individual’s face
  • Best quality canister performance through use of high quality activated carbon
  • Very slim contour of the nose contacting area provides comfort and lasting wear-ability after long hours of use
  • Reduced width of the head string, improved elasticity and thread quality, which prevents the string from coming loose

Samgong Dual Masks protect the users from both gas and dust. They offer excellent comfort due to the adoption of double sealed face pieces. Features include:

  • Effective protection against various toxic gases
  • Application of the latest version of a 2P2F cartridge
  • Ideally suitable for painting/coating operations

Samgong Corporation, founded in Korea in 1950, is a provider of nuclear-chemical biological (NBC) protective equipment. Samgong was certified as a manufacturer of NBC protective equipment for military/defense applications by the Korean government in 1973. The company is a global leader in the production of NBC protective and marine safety equipment. Headquartered in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, Samgong also has a manufacturing facility in Myanmar. Samgong has servicing stations in Bangladesh, Singapore, Netherlands, Greece, U.A.E, Brazil, U.S.A, Turkey, India, Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

For more information, please view the official press release.