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Client Issue Questionnaire

MZI Global Inc. is a market entry consulting firm that specializes in 15 industries and 10 languages. To better assist us in understanding how our MZI Global® market entry services can help you debut new ventures, markets, or projects in business, please answer the questions below:

1. Which industry would you like to enter?

2. What is your primary language (language of your business transactions)?

3. What are your goals for this business endeavor?

4. Are your new market initiatives...

5. Do you wish to target:

6. Are you reviewing your audit performance on a regular basis?

7. Do you currently perform branding and brand portfolio analysis?

8. Do you have metrics to measure the success of your marketing strategy?

9. Do you utilize trade show marketing to increase sales?

10. Do you utilize public relations to introduce new products to the public?

11. Which marketing activities does your company currently utilize for market entry?


12. What does your company need to enter new markets?

13. Who mainly conducts your strategic planning and produces your marketing material?

14. Which market entry services do you require?

15. When it comes to marketing decisions, who is the final decision maker within your company?

(Please include country code)