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CSR as Market Entry Strategy
CSR: Aligning social responsibility with profit optimization to differentiate our clients from new market entry competition. CSR enables them to better serve and gain new customers and serve society at large.

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MZI Global® Marketing Aligns Business Objectives with Social Responsibility

The MZI Global® agency aspires to establish socially responsible businesses that not only cater towards need fulfillment, but also benefit society in general. In the process. we strive to create a brand that offers more perceived value than offered by a mere product that fulfills a consumer need.
  • Make Key Decisions
  • Cause Marketing
  • Utilize All Research
  • Supplement Communications
  • Social Responsibilty
  • Build Responsible Brands

Social responsibility in business is fast becoming an expectation of the marketplace. At the MZI Global® agency, we strive to integrate ethnographic marketing with corporate social responsibility in order to create performance with a purpose. The underlying idea that supports this framework is that of creating brands that form relationships with consumers. This is driven in part by the changing expectations of both stakeholders and consumers. The public has increasingly shown that it expects evidence of responsibility, transparency, and sustainability from the products and brands they buy. At the MZI Global® agency, we believe that the market potential of values-based consumers and the role that social responsibility plays in brand equity and consumer loyalty is too important to be ignored. Hence, we align social responsibility with business objectives by identifying a cause that resonates with foreign governments’ businesses and the communities that they serve. We help our clients incorporate cause-based marketing in their products and service offerings, build a responsible brand that deals with issues important to their target consumers, and create positive positioning for organizations.

Whether we are working on an established powerful brand, assisting a new lesser-known corporation, or helping a government carve a niche in an emerging market, we instill cultural relevance in our core priorities and ensure that we collaborate, build capacity, and create results. For this, the MZI Global® approach utilizes information acquired through proven market research methods and Ethnosynergism®, our proprietary methodology, to identify strengths and weaknesses for our clients, as well as market opportunities where social marketing will create a maximum impact. We integrate social responsibility and cultural diversity in the marketing campaigns in the following stages:

Pre-Campaign Planning
At the MZI Global® agency, we think of social marketing as selling positive behaviors that benefit society at large. Marketing with a cause is a powerful approach in addressing a wide range of today’s social problems.

Campaign/Message Development
Post-analysis of the situation begins with data collection that is specific not only to the product and its market, but also to the cause that will be associated with the product.

Positive change requires continuous recruitment and reinforcement of messages. Success at each step needs to be supplemented with regular communication as well as improved with constant feedback.

Post Campaign Evaluation
Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, social marketing programs use research throughout the life of a project. Our social marketing projects help our clients make better decisions at key points in the product's life cycle