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"To define their culture and maintain their reputation, MZI advocates that organizations must demonstrate public service leadership.  Collaborative partnerships, working across traditional boundaries, will become the norm."
Mira Zivkovich
MZI President and CEO

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MZI Global Market Entry Strategist Since 1987

MZI Global® strategies provide tactical market entry roadmaps for 17 industries and 10 cultures. MZI Global Corporation’s practice is narrowly focused on “new markets” which have successfully resulted in over 1,000 breakthrough entry projects since 1987. Clients include inbound foreign clients entering North America, and outbound US companies seeking global brand expansion
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Market Intelligence
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Sales Support
  • Deal Making

Through Ethnosynergism®, MZI Global integrates cultural, economic and social factors to create effective strategies for new and existing brands in target micro-segmented communities. MZI Global’s strategic roadmaps facilitate flawless implementation while allowing for agile modification to ensure success. We engineer customized strategic roadmaps that support corporate objectives and monitor external factors such as industry, customers, suppliers and competitors.

MZI Global’s tactical services guide clients through new markets to generate sustainable, measureable and accountable growth. Our international team provides clients with comprehensive solutions that deliver unprecedented results on the road to new markets.

By integrating our in-depth marketing expertise with the science of sales, MZI Global provides tactical selling initiatives to support new market entrants. Our dedicated sales specialists utilize an extensive network of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to launch clients’ products and services through our strategic channels. We offer brokerage, negotiation, lead development and follow-up services to facilitate swift entry into consumer and B2B markets.

Our Core Services Include:

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