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KITA covers 82,000 member companies from Korea – all wanting to enter a new market place, mostly North America. MZI Global is our strategic partner in numerous market entry consulting engagements. From strategy to implementation, MZI Global has exceeded our expectations, despite challenges of limited time, budget and 15+ industry sectors. Within five short months, MZI Global produced large trade shows such as KoreanNovation, covering 15+ multi-industry sectors (from consumer goods to medical), and Fashion Market Day, covering fashion, home furnishing and textile manufacturing."
Sophia Cho
USA International Manager

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Public Sectors' World Wide Break Through New Markets via the MZI Global® method of Ethnosynergism®

MZI Global® Market Entry Consultancy delivers strategic marketing and internationalization, which enables governments, government agencies, international trade associations, nonprofit groups, and members of the independent sector (charities, foundations, corporate public service groups) to transform ideas, resources, and talent into local and/or global success.
  • Government Market Entry
  • Economic Development
  • Fostering International Trade
  • Global Specialist
  • Extensive Network and Alliances
  • Certified Enterprise Skills

For more than 20 years, the MZI Global® agency has strategically aligned itself with foreign governments, trade associations, and industry organizations in the public sector, successfully enabling them to enter uncharted territory. the MZI Global® method of Ethnosynergism® market system increases global recognition, awareness, and confidence while eliminating negative perceptions. Our cutting edge Ethnosynergism® methodologies have successfully helped nations such as Morocco, Tanzania, South Korea, Turkey, and the Dominican Republic.

The MZI Global® agency's international team continuously works to establish lasting partnerships between clients, strategic partners, investors, key retailers, local organizations, and communities. We foster collaborative relationships to promote trade initiatives and believe that the concept of economic development is tightly linked to foreign market entry as well as social marketing. Hence, our services for governments include the following:

Economic Development Marketing: Leveraging cultural intelligence, the MZI Global® method equips clients with tactical solutions for establishing a sustainable economic presence in foreign markets. Value-added products gain long-term advantages. The MZI Global® system ensures a fast and professional market entry for the products and services of our public sector clients.

Social Marketing: In order to differentiate our clients from new market entry competition, the MZI Global methodology aligns social responsibility with profit optimization through Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR). CSR enables them to better serve and gain new customers and serve the society at large.

Foreign Government Marketing
: The agency's customers benefit from a single pool of market entry expertise to gain multiple revenue generating opportunities via our Ethnosynergism® market system.

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