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MZI Competitive Advantages:

  • Reduce U.S. market entry costs
  • Improve credibility in the U.S. marketplace
  • Reach new market segments
  • Reach target consumers before competitors
  • Access over 30,000 U.S. wholesalers, distributors and retailers


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Humans are the Foundation for Demographic Research

MZI Global specializes in profitable market entry using our proprietary Ethnosynergism® marketing system. Our strategic ES® approach to reaching new markets rapidly identifies global revenue and sales opportunities to ensure a successful “grand entrance.”
  • Infiltrate New Markets
  • Create Long-Term Customers
  • Discover Niche Targets
  • Craft Strategic Partnerships
  • Micro-Segmentation
  • Align Needs

Since 1987, our firm has helped thousands of international clients infiltrate new markets through vertical relationships (producers, suppliers and distributors), horizontal partnerships (competitors, other industry members) and strategic alliances (joint ventures, networking and trading). These collaborations often include components of social responsibility that bring together likeminded companies around issues such as ethics and environment. We evaluate the most appropriate time for entry and the processes and procedures that must be in place for continued success. When it is time to take action, we tap into collaborative partnerships at individual, community and government levels.  

MZI Global sees customer diversity and ever-changing cultural dimensions as opportunities to discover new, micro-segment target markets. Effective use of micro-segmentation aligns your competitive advantage with the unique needs of target groups.

Consumer Insights
MZI Global implements a value-added perception of your product based on your customer’s purchasing habits and parameters for analysis. We keep your customers emotionally connected to your product and business to create long-term relationships.

Product Positioning
Our proprietary Ethnosynergism® (ES®) marketing system prioritizes action steps based on the profitability potential of identified micro-segments. We approach defined consumer markets with tailored offerings that meet specific customer needs.