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"Thanks to MZI Global's Ethnosynergism® market research―we received valuable market insights into the culture of my customers- resulting in new brands, new customers, market share!"
Danny Golshan
CEO of Brasseur, Inc.
Donna Vinci

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Use Consumer Purchasing Behavior to Penetrate Lucrative Markets

MZI Global creates cost effective research for successful market entry by integrating hard data gathered from our invaluable research processes. We quickly achieve in-depth market knowledge by aligning traditional research methods with our proprietary Ethnosynergism® system. Discover and profit from lucrative markets through:
  • Cultural Profiling
  • Traditional Market Research
  • Strategic Market Audit
  • Comprehensive Trend Analysis
  • Consumer Driving Insights
  • New Product Development

MZI Global utilizes a full spectrum of market intelligence tools (traditional and non-traditional) to engineer a strategic market entry plan. The ultimate goal of our market intelligence research is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of consumer purchasing behavior. Throughout the research process, MZI Global gathers relevant data that is 100% accurate, timely, usable, understandable, and meaningful.

At the heart of our market intelligence research is our Ethnosynergism® methodology based on cultural micro-segmentation. By discovering unique cultural market segments, we reveal essential insights needed to penetrate markets in the U.S. and abroad.

MZI Global Integrated Marketing Services Encompass:

Ethnosynergism®: Through our proprietary profiling technology, MZI Global identifies cultural, sub-cultural and economic parameters of prospective markets. We match client offerings to specific market needs by understanding implicit and explicit consumer attitudes.

Market Research: MZI Global focuses on profitability and return on investment for every client, which differentiates us from competitors. We research, analyze and develop strategic plans to create compelling value-added offerings that outperform competition.

Strategic Market Audit: This comprehensive audit enables clients to strategically align finite resources with business development. It answers questions involving growth plans, competition, and target customers to profitably penetrate new markets.

For more information, please visit our Ethnosynergism site.

Market Intelligence