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Customer-Centric Audit:

  • Micro/Macro Environment Analysis
  • Operating Environment Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis


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Create an Effective Entry Route with Crucial Market Insights

Understanding current market scenarios provides for better planning and strategy implementation imperative to new market entry and growth. MZI Global equips clients with crucial insights into micro and macro environments through our Strategic Market Audit, including:
  • In-Depth Business Assessment
  • Political Parameters
  • Market Profitability
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Operational Sustainability
  • Micro-Segment Market Analysis

MZI Global conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your business and surrounding environment to engineer a clear roadmap that effectively creates product demand. By assessing your business, the market, competitors and potential customers, we deliver strategies and tactics to successfully present your business and your product to a new marketplace.  Our ‘Strategic Market Audit’ incorporates an in-depth analysis of political and economic parameters, client positioning, market attractiveness and competitive strategies.  Rigorous research and testing quantifies current market position and empowers clients with insight on how to meet the unmet desires of consumers.


Our expert researchers evaluate advantages and vulnerabilities to discover market prospects and understand the direct competition awaiting a new venture. We identify the best time for entry and the processes and procedures that need to be in place for continued success. By aligning client goals with favorable and unfavorable market factors, MZI Global uncovers hidden opportunities, which offer unexpected savings, future market profitability, competitive advantages and long-term operational sustainability.

New Market Entry Analysis
Since 1987, MZI Global has helped thousands of international clients infiltrate new markets. Our dedication to profitable new market entry creates successful vertical relationships, horizontal partnerships and strategic alliances.

Strategic Solutions
Through a combination of market mapping and strategic roadmaps, MZI Global minimizes risk and ensures product acceptability for new market entrants.