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"MZI Global's enthusiasm, inventiveness, originality and creativity seamlessly translated our firm's strategy into compelling visual images and symbols."
Sook Hee Kim
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Ethnosynergism® Cuts to the Core of Brand Essence

MZI Global stands at the forefront of creativity, delivering compelling, effective, and action-oriented solutions for global brand development. Our proprietary branding methodologies provide new market entrants with a complete strategic roadmap to build a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Increase Brand Revenue
  • Drive Brand Equity
  • Transcend Cultural Borders
  • Evoke Trust and Loyalty
  • Find Unique Selling Proposition
  • Sustain Brand Recognition

Branding strategies devised by MZI Global’s brand management consultants result in one of the most powerful new-market entry tools for our clients. It is a marketer’s ultimate dream to manage and own a brand that enjoys preferential status with consumers. Using Ethnosynergism®, MZI Global engages target consumers at the deepest level and probes hidden intangible factors such as emotions, motivations and information processing. MZI Global builds brands that are sensitive to cultural nuances and responsive to consumers’ needs.

Our goal is to develop a strong brand strategy that evokes trust and affection from customers, establishing a long-term relationship. We endeavor to establish these aspects of loyalty, awareness, and trust because although consumers have high expectations from visible and preferred brands, these same brands enjoy high prestige and reduced risk in new markets.

MZI Global’s branding strategy is more effective than traditional approaches, garnering higher levels of customer loyalty and reaching a larger pool of consumers. We establish this level of efficacy by focusing on core functional benefits and enriching brand portfolios. We add new dimensions valued by consumers and draw attention to unique attributes that reinforce brand personality. MZI Global provides insight on consumer purchasing intention, the drivers of their attitude and the foundations underlying their decision-making. Our services for global brand development include:

Global Brand Building: MZI Global develops a brand strategy that enhances brand recognition at a global level while cultivating lasting relationships with customers. Our brand consultants position the brand to highlight a unique selling proposition and distinct personality.

Global Brand Recognition and Development: Using Ethnosynergism®, MZI Global combines a deep-rooted understanding of specific multicultural markets to successfully conduct complex brand research. With proprietary methodologies, our brand managers tap into incidental aspects of consumer behavior.

Online Branding- Building Digital Brands: Developing a strong brand identity on the Internet helps clients further differentiate themselves. We leverage insight on cultures gained through Ethnosynergism® to promote the brand in a variety of ways, from videos to blogs to micro-sites.

For more information, please visit our Ethnosynergism site.