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MZI Global Introduces a Foreign Firm to the U.S. Market
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Brand Name:  Amaretta

Product/Service Type or Description:  Textile and Manufacturing

Branding a $13 Billion Japanese Conglomerate for an American Market

Thirteen billion dollar Japanese firm, Amaretta, is well known in Europe as an ultra-fine fiber manufacturer. However, they were virtually unheard of within the U.S. market.  In order to enter the U.S. market and develop brand awareness, they needed to introduce their leather-like synthetic fabric to the U.S. fashion and clothing industry.  Amaretta came to MZI Global Inc. looking for a company that could properly introduce their product.  In order to appeal to the U.S. market Amaretta was going to have to completely revamp its current marketing material, and we were just the company to take on the task. Our customized marketing plan generated the results that Amaretta hoped for.
Client Objective:
  • Business-to-business sales
  • Introduce fabric to American fashion industry

Marketing Challenge:
  • Create brand awareness
  • Make the Amaretta brand name as big in the U.S. market as it is in Europe
  • Create favorable attitudes and perceptions of the Amaretta brand
  • Turn a dry, twenty-eight page, scientific study on a synthetic fiber into an understandable, attention-grabbing pamphlet that would persuade the U.S. fashion and clothing industry to buy
  • Position the brand to viably compete against more established fiber manufacturers within the U.S. market

MZI Global® Solutions:
  • After conducting extensive market research, MZI Global Inc. launched a comprehensive 10-step marketing plan to create brand awareness, it included:
    1. Database Marketing: acquired a targeted mailing list
    2. A B2B mailer featuring folders made of Amaretta leather to highlight the touch and feel of the material
    3. Completely redesigned Amaretta’s marketing material which communicated the unique qualities of the material visually, in straightforward terms, and in 4 pages rather than their previous 28-page spread
    4. Constructed a swatch book containing fiber samples instead of a color card guide to emphasize the feel of the fabric
    5. Developed an easy-to-read instructional brochure targeted to address the unique needs of fashion designers and to answer any questions
    6. Created freestanding ad inserts (which are 50% more effective than ads embedded on a printed page) placed in trade publications with attached response cards for instant buying capability
    7. Designed a promotional toy lamb made from Amaretta fabric that promoted the brand name while drawing attention to the animal friendly man-made fabric
    8. Developed an E-marketing campaign on the Web
    9. Conducted event marketing in retail stores and at animal friendly events promoting brand awareness, as well as establishing a positive brand image among the general public
    10. Increased awareness at a trade show using shopping bags made of Amaretta fiber, as well as mobile electronic billboards that circulated around the venue and increased traffic to the booth

MZI Global® Results:
  • New all-encompassing marketing campaign accomplished Amaretta’s goals to sell fabric to top U.S. designers.
  • Created brand awareness within the U.S. market
  • Generated an increase in sales volume
  • Positioned them to compete in the U.S.
  • MZI Global Inc. created marketing material so that potential U.S. buyers/designers would be able to connect and buy
  • MZI Global Inc. opened up the U.S. market to a Japanese firm earning them profits through Ethnosynergism®—MZI’s ability to make the U.S. fashion industry fall in love with Japan