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Constructing A Century Of Innovative Design Solutions With Latest User-Centered Website Technology
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  • Internet Marketing
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Brand Name: RBSD Architects

Product/Service Type or Description: Architecture/Construction

Constructing a Century of Innovative Design Solutions with the Latest User-Centered Website Technology
RBSD is a NYC based architectural firm.  RSBC produces works of art when it comes to designing and building office spaces or buildings.  They needed MZI Global Inc.’s help in competing with other architectural firms for business on the internet.  Extensive competitive analysis revealed that their competition had flashy websites, but contained no real substance or talent.  Seeing that RBSD possessed substance, talent, and experience we set out to design a website that would showcase this image. The new website attracted many potential customers to RBSD Architects.  

Client Objective:
  • RBSD wanted to compete with other firms over the Internet

Marketing Challenge:
  • Amidst a sea of flashy, in-your-face architectural firm websites, RBSD needed to differentiate themselves
  • Contemporary websites within this industry tended to be flashy but had no real attention-retaining capabilities
  • Show RBSD’s work and design in a user friendly way by employing key principles of User-Centric Design
  • Encompass the broad range of RBSD’s target demographics and clientele in order to make the marketing message relevant to their needs
  • Development of new market segment for RBSD over the internet
  • Portrayal and emphasis of RBSD’s valuable 95-year legacy of superiority in architecture and design

MZI Global® Solutions:
  • MZI Global created an interactive, user-friendly website tailored to the user with the following:
    • The website was crafted to convey and reinforce RBSD’s experience and reputation
    • Downloadable images, case studies, and "print ready" articles provide potential clients with information and references at the click of a mouse
    • Used Search Engine Optimization to get RBSD’s website to their key demographic
    • Website was designed to serve as a virtual tool for RBSD clients

MZI Global® Results:
  • A random poll of potential clients, journalists, and publicists found RBSD’s website easy to find and effortless to navigate
  • The new website weaves strategy, architecture, and design together to create a world-class user experience
    • Successful in generating substantial amounts of business for RBSD Architects