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Phoenix Energy Systems

Developer Of Renewable And Sustainable Energy Technologies Expand To The Caribbean
  • B2B Services
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  • Brand Strategy
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  • Strategy Development
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Brand Name: Phoenix Energy Systems
Product/Service Type or Descriptions: Business and Technology

MZI Successfully Expanded Phoenix Energy Systems into the Carribean Market

Phoenix Energy Systems, a developer of renewable and sustainable technologies, looked to expand into underserved markets in the Caribbean. With the increasing popularity of energy production from waste incinerators and the growing awareness of the damaging consequences from poor waste management, the potential for a recycling and waste management company was enormous. MZI Global was hired to develop the company’s sales and marketing tools for expansion to Caribbean markets. Working with Phoenix Energy Systems management, MZI Global crafted the company’s marketing messages for the development of new business in the Caribbean. The client exceeded its expansion goals and was able to secure contracts in multiple Caribbean countries, such as Jamaica and Haiti.

Situation Analysis:
  • Phoenix Energy Systems wanted to expand to the Carribean markets
  • The Carribean markets have been underserved
  • Energy production has been growing so timing was opportune

Client Challenges:

  • Creation of a comprehensive website
  • Adaption of brand for the Caribbean market
  • Construction of brochures and other marketing materials

MZI Global’s Solution:
  • Develop a comprehensive brand strategy, including logo and brand guidelines
  • Create the Phoenix Energy Systems website
  • Craft all marketing and promotional collateral materials


  • Facilitated client entry into the Caribbean
  • Allowed client to exceed its previous expansion goals and to secure contracts in multiple Caribbean countries