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Government Agency Develops E-Learning For U.S. Market Entry
  • Implementation: IMC
  • Strategy Development
  • Consulting
  • International Marketing
  • Market Research
  • E-Commerce

Brand Name: SBC

Product/Service Type or Description: Government and Public Sector

MZI Produces E-Learning Guide for Foreign Government

Foreign governmental agency SBC hired MZI Global® market entrant experts to develop an E-Learning program to aid foreign companies seeking to expansion into the U.S. market. MZI Global® market consultants performed researched and created a detailed program to education foreign companies. MZI Global® strategies provided a step-by-step guide with everything from industry overviews, to certification and incorporation procedures. MZI Global® culture barrier breakers, translated multiple foreign languages in order to provide cohesiveness to the individual companies, implemented an online program, leading the foreign companies into successful market entrants.

Situation Analysis:
  • Foreign companies need to be guided step by step through the procedures of integrating their company effectively in order to successfully adapt and be cohesive within the U.S. Market
  • Foreign companies are seeking expansion due to profitable U.S. markets

Market Challenge:
  • Development of customized E-Learning programs for each individual company
  • Gain in-depth understanding of multiple U.S. industries and uncover gaps to formulate market penetration techniques
  • Research best practice for strategy entrance methods of entering into the U.S. market

MZI Global® Solutions:
  • Researched leading U.S. industries and adapted their strategic methods into a cohesive guidelines for foreign companies
  • Collaborated with industry experts and fulfilled registration policies required for legal U.S. market entry
  • Created custom E-Learning program for individual foreign firms a part of SBC

MZI Global® Results:
  • Successfully launched a comprehensive E-Learning program that provided foreign companies with the knowledge necessary to expand proactively into U.S. markets
  • Provided firms with strategic insight of industry gaps granting them an advantage regardless of being industry new comers
  • Completed documents and met all necessary requirements in order to ensure legal entry into the US
  • Established tactical entry paths within the gaps existing within market segments