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Morocco Event

Attracting Youth To The Sahara For A New Year’s Party In A Post 9-11 World
  • Internet Marketing
  • Ethnosynergism®
  • Events Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Strategy Development
  • Consulting

Brand Name: IT Pro – Techno Pleasure New Year Party
Product/Service Type or Description: Arts and Entertainment

Attracting Youth to the Sahara for a Banging New Year’s Party in a Post 9-11 World

Brian Choudhary of IT Pro had a bit of a problem.  People feared traveling to the Middle East after the events of September 11th.  New Years was approaching, however, and Morocco needed tourists to attend its international Techno Pleasures New Year party.  MZI Global’s strategy team quickly devised a marketing plan to target universities’ adventure-seeking students and techno clubbers.  Our graphic artist and copywriters set about designing an internet-marketing ad campaign.  Additionally, MZI Global  had to coordinate this international event in the middle of the Sahara Desert, while making sure the party was technologically intensive, and ensuring that the party went off without any glitches.  The end product had the youth of the world jumping to the sounds of new techno, traditional Arabian, and a sweet blending at the turn of the year.

Situation Analysis:
  • Tourists were wary of traveling to the Middle East after the events of September 11th in New York City
  • Morocco was in need of tourists, and wanted to throw this international party to promote all that its country had to offer to visitors
  • The market niche did not know of this opportunity to travel and experience new culture
  • The safety of visiting Morocco needed to be emphasized in addition to its exotic appeal

Marketing Challenge:
  • Ease fears about traveling to the Middle East
  • Direct attention to the exciting cultural experiences available in traveling to Morocco, specifically the Techno Pleasures New Year Party
  • Provide a technologically intensive environment for the party in the Sahara Desert
  • Appeal to the target demographic of youths, particularly university students, and techno clubbers worldwide

  • MZI Global produced and managed all off-site promotion of the event
    • Extensive research was done, and all event costs were negotiated by our team
  • Design elements were custom-designed to fit a Techno Arabian theme
  • MZI Global coordinated with Brian Choudhary to plan out logistics of the site and technical execution of the event
  • MZI Global used its unique Ethnosynergism® marketing techniques to create global PR and media campaigns  
  • Coordination of all entertainment, audio-visuals, and lighting was taken care of by MZI Global
  • MZI Global contracted top international DJ’s such as Paul Van Dyke, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold and John Digweed to perform
  • MZI Global targeted younger generations, appealing to their sense of adventure, playing up the excitement of the event with intense advertising and email promotions

  • MZI Global’s campaign for the event delivered a spicy, well-organized New Year’s trance party
  • Safety and security were ensured
  • The turnout for this international party was great, enhancing the image of Morocco as an exciting, safe tourist destination