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Marrakesh Voyage

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  • Events Planning
  • Consulting
  • Public Relations
  • Strategy Development
  • International Marketing
  • Brand Positioning

Brand Name: Marrakesh Voyage
Product/Service Type or Description: Travel and Tourism

MZI Global Puts a New Spin on an Ancient Tourist Allure

Travel agency, Marrakesh Voyage located in the Moroccan desert nation, wanted to increase the country’s viability as a travel destination.  They contacted MZI Global to help them increase tourism to their country by advertising.  MZI Global developed a marketing strategy that was successful in directing tourists to vacation in this beautiful country.

Situation Analysis:
  • Need to attract tourism to Moroccan destination
  • In need of marketing tools to increase awareness

Marketing Challenge:
  • Increase the country’s appeal to tourists
  • Influence potential travelers perception of a desert vacation
  • Use aesthetic appeal to encourage impulse purchases

  • MZI Global positioned Morocco as a vacation spot for the 21st century
  • Designed all marketing tools to preserving the rich, historical, romantic image of the desert
  • Event Planning:
    • MZI Global planned a weeklong festival that would culminate with travelers partying underneath the Saharan stars on New Year’s Eve to some of the hottest dance music around
  • Additional highlights included:
    • Accommodations at refurbished Moroccan castles and five star hotels
    • Golfing at some of the most highly rated courses in the world
    • Hiking authentic local tourist trails
    • Produced high quality, full-color brochures
  • Public Relations:
    • Utilized fusion marketing to promote the country at high profile events that were covered by the media
    • Established relationships with other clients and business partners in order to promote the project

  • MZI Global achieved 100% of its objectives
  • Increase in awareness of the country’s beauty
  • Increase in tourism
  • The agency was so successful in their efforts that they garnered the blessing of the country’s new monarch, Mohammed the VI