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January 07, 2010
Slavic Heritage and Culture
Dating back to as early as September 2005, the New York metro area has been experiencing a noticeable rise in enthusiasm for Slavic culture and art. Because of the significant purchasing power of Slavic communities, this rise in interest makes the Slavic

January 07, 2010
What are the benefits of working with MZI Global?
Benefits of MZI Global: Key success factor, Provide/maintain pioneering status via ES, Confidence, Internal and external endorsements, CSR as part of strategy, Meaningful and specific solutions for clients issues, Support and realism in t

January 07, 2010
How do you properly define a market?
It is important to define a market in terms of need sets and not by their products. It is then necessary to correctly segment your audience/target. And finally, you must match your offers to the needs of the segment.

January 07, 2010
What are the most common concerns of MZI Global’s clients?
Whether they are a US based or a global/international firm, clients are most concerned about the risk of entering new markets that they are unfamiliar with. We provide a comprehensive roadmap on how to best enter their target markets and reach their custo

January 07, 2010
What are the benefits of the MZI Global Alliance Network?
MZI Global is the creator of its own global alliance market system network Ethnosynergism®, covering 10 language groups and 15 industries:

January 07, 2010
What is MZI Global’s fee and engagements process?
MZI Global is “Lean and Mean”: No firm of our size can match our international and multicultural experience, with value proposition unmatched to any other consulting firm specializing in market entry issues.

January 07, 2010
How Much Should Be Budgeted for an Integrated Program?
This article explains the thought process and importance of allocating a budget.

January 07, 2010
Which trends are growing in marketing?
What is changing and has already changed has been driven by changing technology.  One of the biggest changes is that consumers and customers now know more about their suppliers than suppliers know about them.  With the Gen Y growing up with tech

January 07, 2010
What are the four key markets?
 Facts - customers only want data and basic analysis such as market data, production levels, and available resources and so on. Insights - assessment or identification of potential opportunities, which may come from the output from detailed ana

January 07, 2010
How does MZI Global deliver their value proposition via Ethnosynergism?
MZI Global Core Ethnosynergism® Networks deliver our clients a superior value proposition via:partnership with leading academic institutions, constant study on new and emerging markets and segments, global partnership, access to 4000 + emerging compan

January 07, 2010
What is MZI Global all about?
MZI Global is a narrowly focused on “market entry” consultancy.  MZI Global’s product service portfolio contains solutions for 15 industries, with multi-cultural experiences which leverage into international markets - 10 languages a

January 07, 2010
How do you improve an entire company’s market responsiveness?
To improve the entire company’s market responsiveness, the superiors must take a part of a company, not try and change the whole thing, but do an excellent job fixing that part and then let the positive effects change the rest of the company.

January 07, 2010
The Origins of Ethnosynergism
This article explains the origins of MZI Global’s strategic method of planning, Ethnosynergism.

January 07, 2010
What services do MZI Global clients respect the most?

Deliverables: MZI Global delivers comprehensive and proactive new market entry strategies. Differentiator: Ethnosynergism® market system network. Value: MZI Core Networks experience/reputation/deliverables:

January 07, 2010
Does any process work with any type of company?
No, the process has to be appropriate to the size and culture of the organization. Customized plans are created for each unique individual company to fit their own unique culture.

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