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January 07, 2010
What differentiates MZI Global Strategy Consulting from other firms?
MZI Global’s competitive advantages are as follows:

January 07, 2010
Social Marketing: Marketing NYC Public Transportation
MZI Global prepared a proposal for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) to help it in its quest to reduce traffic flow in the city. The purpose of the proposal was to present to NYMTC an effective strategic plan that would promote the

January 07, 2010
What remains the same in marketing strategies besides changing trends?
The basis of the marketing process is still the same. It’s about taking data about your competitors, your markets, your customers, analyzing it, working out what they need, what you have got to do, and pulling the right leaders.

January 07, 2010
What are the effects of proper segmentation?
Identifying and understanding the segments has enabled the company to be more effective in its marketing with greater success at winning contracts as the company moves away from its traditional base of technical consulting towards strategic management con

January 07, 2010
What tools are necessary for a successful implementation?
For successful implementation, the firm should have in depth market intelligence of how to analyze data and how to utilize it into different strategies and ideas.

January 07, 2010
What are MZI Global’s services?

January 07, 2010
The Emerging Importance of Ethnography
As more companies refocus squarely on the consumer, ethnography and its proponents have become star players.

January 07, 2010
How do you get an organization that is genuinely market responsive?
Marketing is not just about promotion and advertising, even though the masses tend to think that’s all marketing is. The organization has to understand the market in order to be successful. With information on the market, the firms must decide who t

January 07, 2010
What are MZI Global’s key achievements?
Pioneered “Ethnosynergism™” market system via segmentation
Ethnosynergism™: Innovative approach to branding that identifies new customer segments and new markets through a hands-on method. Pioneered “MOVIE_LOG” to

January 07, 2010
Slavic Heritage and Culture
Dating back to as early as September 2005, the New York metro area has been experiencing a noticeable rise in enthusiasm for Slavic culture and art. Because of the significant purchasing power of Slavic communities, this rise in interest makes the Slavic

January 07, 2010
What are the benefits of working with MZI Global?
Benefits of MZI Global: Key success factor, Provide/maintain pioneering status via ES, Confidence, Internal and external endorsements, CSR as part of strategy, Meaningful and specific solutions for clients issues, Support and realism in t

January 07, 2010
How do you properly define a market?
It is important to define a market in terms of need sets and not by their products. It is then necessary to correctly segment your audience/target. And finally, you must match your offers to the needs of the segment.

January 07, 2010
What are the most common concerns of MZI Global’s clients?
Whether they are a US based or a global/international firm, clients are most concerned about the risk of entering new markets that they are unfamiliar with. We provide a comprehensive roadmap on how to best enter their target markets and reach their custo

January 07, 2010
What are the benefits of the MZI Global Alliance Network?
MZI Global is the creator of its own global alliance market system network Ethnosynergism®, covering 10 language groups and 15 industries:

January 07, 2010
What is MZI Global’s fee and engagements process?
MZI Global is “Lean and Mean”: No firm of our size can match our international and multicultural experience, with value proposition unmatched to any other consulting firm specializing in market entry issues.

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